What speakers do you use and why?

it’s actually quite small, pretty much desktop size. I think it was a limited run with a vintage driver, but no worries!

@Grover - note the feet on that speaker. It was not designed to be used as a bookshelf or desktop. Unless the manufacturer thinks they are optional, I’d pay attention to that. Just looking at the Omega design, it appears that the box is a relatively modern design based on the proportions. However it was a design that given the narrowness of the box, will have to be doing something special to prevent reflection of the back wave out through the speaker. That’s one of the reasons that many newer designs eschew rectangular boxes, notwithstanding that boxes CAN be done correctly.

I would have to check the boxes again, but I don’t believe it came with the feet mounted. Like I said, I didn’t care for the sound and my friend and I boxed them up and promptly put them in storage. They were extremely diminutive and to my eyes were not suited to be used in anything other than nearfield applications.

At last! Another person who uses the incorrect body parts - listening with the eyes. As for me, my nose runs and my feet smell.

I would enjoy seeing pics of that, do post some! Brings back fond memories of gear I had from that time, like a Luxman integrated amp in a rosewood veneer cabinet. Don’t remember the model, it put out 60-80 watts. Great sound, looked fantastic, and it would be highly collectible now!

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‘tweeters barely at knee height’ does not constitute a floorstander in my book, but that’s just me. I’d post photographs of them if I really cared to argue the point, but I don’t. They are comically small when compared to the very flattering pictures posted on the omega website.

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Luxman in that time was quite desirable.
@Grover I was going also by the description of an 8 inch driver, so it certainly looked larger.

I bet KEF LS50s put their drivers at ankle height when used as floorstanders for you. However, I’m only 6" tall. Us gnomes have many more options to achieve space filling sound in our under-your-staircases abodes.

Omega markets their speakers as useful with 2 watt amps. Reviewers most often use tube amps and sometimes OTL amps – this further emphasizes the mid-range of their “A” tuning profile. Yep, their scale and goals are totally different from the mainstream.

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Devore Fidelity is coming out with a bookshelf speakers as well as a miniature Orangutan series. The Orangutan series is wonderful for
Low powered amps.

(Edit: disregard the Zu DW plug as I see above they are too big for your use. The Devore O/Mini’s might be perfect for you and if it’s coming from Devore it’s gonna sound amazing but sadly pricey too. Similar to ZMF, you are paying for art in a way.)
In comparison I really liked the Zu Audio DirtyWeekends as a cheaper substitute. Not the same but definitely worth every penny.
I would say this is one of the Best Buy’s out in 2 ch. low watt powered speakers.would be perfect with a few watts like a 300B or even as low as a SET 2a3. (I powered them for shits n giggles with LTA Microzotl2 which is under 1 watt into this load.) They don’t lose a lot of value in the second market so you are not taking a big risk if you don’t like them.

Here is John talking about the new two speakers:

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There’s a Devore dealer near me, and it’s actually a store I’ve visited previously. At last check they were open only by appointment, per COVID. There are many high-end stores and buyers nearby, so I’m more hopeful about digging up a SET demo system now. Losing value isn’t the big issue in 2021, the issue is to get your hands on anything at all.

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I really liked the Line Magnetic 518ia integrated amp. Updated version now is called 845ia. Definitely great deals to be had used for these amps and they make a lot of really good gear that pops up on the used market every so often.


Keep an eye out for Dennis Had’s Inspire line of tube preamps and amps. His offerings are very popular among people running Omega, Zu, and Tekton speakers.

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I knew there was a problem when I started growing down instead of growing up!

They certainly don’t aim for mainstream, and I can appreciate that sentiment at least.

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