What Was "Best" Concert you ever went to?


Is she one of those great in a recording studio, horrible live singers? More morbid curiosity than a fan of her music…I really don’t care for it to be honest.

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Worst absolute quality: A low budget family touring band with a van towing their equipment in a rusty old pickup truck trailer. I attended in a local church for community support. The matron/mother weighed about 400 pounds, had a home haircut, and wore a sheet as a dress. Oh, you meant worst mainstream concerts…

Worst personal experience: Attending Steel Pulse (reggae) with the flu. I looked like a corpse and felt like one too, but got a free ticket. Great music though. I had a laugh from the the huge “Say No To Drugs” banner behind the stage as the crowd lit up everywhere across theater (it’s REGGAE!). Oh, you meant worst on a musical basis…

Most disappointing headliner: Joe Satriani on the 2018 G3 tour. My enjoyment declined as the show went on. Phil Collen (Def Leppard) played super technical blues with Delta Deep. John Petrucci played ultra-precise technical metal songs. Joe Satriani hammed it up with short repetitious technical riffs (not songs per se) over and over and over–with a weak imitation of ‘rock star’ moves. And then he brought out his stainless steel billion-angry-mosquitoes guitar. As it shrieked far above the musical tone range I said to myself “That man has lost his high range hearing.” Two out of three were great.


Taylor actually sings pretty well live. But, she’s not a performer and kinda just strutted around the stage like a golem. It was the interludes where she would talk to the crowd about how they were all best friends now that we really could’ve done without. And, it felt like she was saying some other banal shit like that after every song. I was being a trooper and hanging in there for my wife, but even she was like, “Ugh, I can’t take any more of this crap. Let’s go.”


I almost had to go to a concert of hers but luckily the price of admission scared away my gf at the time. Thank goodness.

My worst concert hmmm… the weirdest opening act I saw was Wolf Eyes , who opened up for one of my favorite bands I’ve seen, Sonic Youth. They are just three really weird dudes who use things from sheet metal to maces and chains for instruments and make a lot of noise. I like artcore and buzzing guitars and all of that (I’m a huge shoegazer fan) but I don’t get them.

Also the dude did end up hitting himself with that mace at a show once.

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Worst Concert-

I’ve been fortunate. No really awful concerts. I guess the worst was sitting through the odd choices for warm-up groups. One King Crimson concert at Penn State’s Rec hall. They had Bread (Baby I’m a Want You) and Seals & Crofts (Summer Breeze), hardly the sort of music that headliner fans wanted. 21st Century Schizoid Man, Court of the Crimson King, etc.

Some dopey college newspaper female “critic” wrote it up as “Seals & Crofts and Bread outplayed King Crimson”.

Ummmm Sure they did, sweetheart. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m so jealous. 21st Century Schizoid Man and Court of the Crimson King. No doubt that saved the evening.
Once again main stream music won over the true talent (or so she thought). She no doubt was pretty goofy.




Van Morrison. in Berserkly (Berkley Community Theater?).

in support of “moondance”.

the encore was Van on a Bari Sax.

i am pretty old.

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I love it. Been there done that. i’m an old fart too. I didn’t get to see Van Morrison. Last I remember he played several instruments. I’ll bet in was as most where in a small venue.


Most disappointing was probably the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Saint Louis sometime back in the mid 90s. I scored free luxury box seats and though I wasn’t a hardcore fan, I knew and enjoyed their music so was anticipating a great night. I think they must have been drunk or high that evening because they couldn’t carry a tune nor stay on beat. I left after two songs because it was just too painful to stay.


Just attended an acoustic performance of Jason Mraz accompanied by Gregory Page and Toca Rivera. Definitely in my top 3 concert performances. Rare, IMHO, to see a performer who sounds just as good live as his recordings. This guy definitely needs no auto tune. Fantastic and highly recommended if this trio makes a stop in your nearest venue.


Yeah, I saw him at the ACL Festival once and he was great.


We just caught him this past Saturday at Bass Concert Hall.

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I don’t know what I’d do without you guys. I have heard some of his music, bit never gave much of a chance to hear more of his body of work. I went over to YouTube and listened. I loved it. Going to get some.


Wait, are you in Austin too?


My wife and I have been fans of his since his debut album, Waiting for my Rocket to Come. He always seems to churn out great music at every release. Very talented singer-song writer. Surprisingly his concert was filled with a lot of humor as well keeping it fun and lighthearted.


Gregg Allmann band on a warm breezy afternoon at the Miami Marine Stadium. Really ideal conditions. Generally I like a laid back vibe and this was it in spades. Not laid back would be Buddy Guy at a small venue in South Beach. Had not heard much about him before, could not sit down.

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Buddy tone to die for. Try his ‘the blues is alive’


We saw Olafur Arnalds last night in Seattle, and it was great! The lights were a little too bright as they were pointed up and since we were in the mezzanine, it was a little distracting in the few songs they were on for extended time, but take that away, it was a beautiful evening of great piano, strings, and modern electronic-fusion. His witty character is always fun and enjoyable to listen to as well.


worst concert? wow there were so many.
There are two that stand out.
Went to see Procal Harum at Spectrum in Philly. Black Sabbath was headliner, this was in Paranoia days.
Ozzy starts in on Iron Man and the sound system was really bad, the acoustics horrible and loud. I walked out. yeah, I know.
The other was supposed to be Henry Gross and Billy Joel at Max’s Kansas City. Henry Gross was on his yellow album tour. I happen to really like his early stuff. He put on a great show and even did a few numbers from his first obscure Warner Bros. LP.
Then out walks Buzzy Lindhardt, part singer, part comedian and all bad.
Seems Billy Joel got sick.
3 friends and I proceeded to get up and walk out, we were in the front row.
yeah, I know. not cool.
that’s twice I missed Billy Joel in his early days… sigh

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SRV and Jerry Lee Lewis in a bar in Ft. Worth in the early 80s. Jerry Lee was scheduled to be there, SRV just dropped in and played with him for about 90 minutes. The whole place had maybe 200 people in it and it was less than 100 feet from the bar to the piano so hard to get a more intimate surrounding. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing several fantastic bands along the way, but nothing is likely to ever top that.

Other notable shows
Aerosmith - Draw the Line Tour- All the classics were new at that point
Rolling Stones - Start me up Tour
Grateful Dead at the Fox in ATL.