What's in the box!

A box!!

With other box!!

And finally “the box”!!
That “A “ looks familiar !!


Second part of the post!!

I had to put a reminder this morning to take the pictures before unboxing everything and therefore I can ( finally) post something here.
First planars I’ll be using. I chose In Ears since in the last couple of months my works is demanding a more transportable/portable set up and is gonna be like that for at least 6, 7 months, that’s why Lyr 3 and Bifrost are in hold for now ( very convenient so I can go for Bifrost 2 when the moment return) and IFI Micro BL and LCD i3 are taking the place.

Very intrigued about planar sound.


This is seller skyaudiocables on Ebay?? Look mighty nice!!:+1:

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Very nice. Looking forward to hearing your impressions.


Yes thats the seller! Their prices were pretty good and you can customize everything. Shipped it within a couple days of ordering.


Another day … another box …

Wait … it might be tribbles … they’re breeding …

A bit more of a clue …

And from the darkness burst forth the light …

If you think you’ve seen that before, then you’re not paying close enough attention*!

And just to keep it company …

Don’t they make a handsome couple?

Proper pictures etc. in the appropriate threads …

*This is a production-qualifier" (i.e. this is built to productions standards, with all parts final - pending no issues being found with these qualification units). So while you can’t buy it just yet, this is the final stage before production begins.


SO… I’ll be seeing you this weekend :wink:

Very excited to hear both of these! super excited to hear what you think of them as well!

Man that does look like a nice stack ! Glad they come in black… is there a rack? :wink:

I need to get a sack…

to pack…

for my trip to your place and back!


The black case looks sharp!


Is that Bifrost the new one?? ( B. 2 ) I’ll be waiting for your impressions!!


Yep, that’s the Bifrost 2.


this is the “Raal Jotunheim”, isn´t it?


Oh wow, another package.


Wonder if these will be worthy of the hype?


I love the black look :slight_smile:

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Ok new toy today…and I must say…it is pretty damn excellent! Only a couple songs into using it and I’ll try and get some game time in shortly…but damn…this is exactly what I am looking for in a desktop gaming solution! The only thing that comes to mind that was close (beats it in form factor and pot turning enjoyment by ever so much) is the JDS Labs Element! Without further ado! I present the unboxing of the Schiit Hel!

And all setup…


What the hel is that Schiit ?!?!
Awesome!! Schiit is doing a lot of new stuff lately .

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Simon and Otis informed that I have packages to open

Simon points out that his box is from China and Otis has something really wrapped up in bubbles.

Simon got a 4.4mm balanced to xlr cable.
Otis what did you get?

Oh Otis has some 1+ type-c Bullet earbuds. Wow they look small.


curious to know what you think of the BLON, please share after you listen.

I will do a full review of the BLON BL-03 in the near future.

More packages?

After opening I couldn’t show you everything or my wife would not allow me to post anymore :joy: Here is what I can show after approval.

All of these sent in for review: iFi Audio Zen DAC, iFi Audio Zen Blue, Geshelli Labs Archel 2.0
And some new coffee to try, Stumptown Coffee Roaster Hair Bender blend.


Hairbender!!! My 2nd favorite after Black Cat espresso from Intelligentsia.

Coincidentally, Peet’s bought out both companies.