What's in the box!

Which one is your preferred chair? :sweat_smile:

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Ahem, No unboxing as such they are a Goodwill find:

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro New in Box.

$12.99. This is from the Goodwill nearest to Walt Disney World and it is not at all unusual to find musical performance items ( Keyboards, Microphones, Guitars & AMPS. ) donated.

New in Box is unusual.


You’ll like them. They were darn good for $99. They’ll sound even better for what you paid.


I’ve thrown a handful of music types at them - New Age, Classical, Jazz & Rock. They’ve handled everything with ease.

What tips did you end up using with them? The default medium silicon ones give me a good seal, I’m fortunate to have what appears to be a “typical” ear canal.

Mark Gosdin

I use the default tips. They seem to work better than most default tips. Also tried foam, but went back to the medium silicon just like you have. The only issue I had was if I ran the wires down my back, I’d occasionally pull the cords out. Solution is a Scott-e-Vest personal network shirt (they build them with wire holes and DAC/Amp/phone pockets). And they come with some little advertising cards, one of which shows the Woz in Scott-e-Vest attire.

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So, now you’ve had it for a few hours … initial thoughts?

They look nice and pretty compact, interested to hear your opinion on them.

Only had a short bit of time to listen, first impression is that the sound is gorgeous. Definately cleaner, more detailed, and better soundstage than my AQ Dragonfly Cobalt. And with a tonal character that promises to be quite listenable, no hint of harshness as the DFC can present. Way to soon to give other impressions, such as comparing to the FiiO K9 PRO ESS or my normal Bifrost 2/64 and Lyr3. I just know that this will be my portable of choice.

I like the balanced output, and need to try it with other headphones. All I’ve listened to with it so far are the LCDi4 Audeze with the silver Hart Audio cable. Oh, and Wynton Marsalis can do Louis Armstrong just dandy.


Center seat, right in the sweet spot.

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I was just about to type something along those lines… no more luck this year for you. But… HOT DAMN!

Replacement Hiby R6 2020. Can’t fault Hiby’s customer service.

Drives Sennheiser HD 800S and DCA Ether 2s as well as any of my desktop gear (past or present).

I suspect differences would disappear in blind testing, but the portability, form factor and ergonomics induce a state of engagement and relaxation that manifests as greater space, separation, detail and harmonic richness. Interesting.



Love what they’ve done with this aesthetically. How does it sound?


Audiophool. This is a good site for reviews of SACDs: https://www.hraudio.net/

I have been acquiring SACDs since the beginning of time, so you are welcome to DM me with questions about specific titles as there is a chance that I might own the title.

I’ve used all manner of Oppos over the years with my BDP-205 being my current player. It’s no longer supported by firmware updates but it works for me.

FWIW, for SACDs, I play two channel recordings via the player’s analog outputs and multichannel SACDs via HDMI. All outputs are hot.


Well, it’s early, but I feel fairly confident it’s the best I’ve heard the Verite Closed and Atrium Closed using a SS amp. Exceptional detail and layering - especially transients. Has some definite tube-like qualities i.e. spacious, airy stage with a hint of warmth and some nice density in the lower-midrange. Very fluid and engaging listen without being overly energetic. Love the compact form factor as well. It’s nearly identical in width to the Bifrost 2 (longer, so not “stackable”).


Thanks @Kennyboy, I’ll check that out. I got my first set of cds in from cdJapan….

That Stones set is pretty awesome just for the included extras…haven’t listened to any of them yet.

Still waiting for my I2S adapter to come in.

Any ones you’d consider must-haves (that are currently available) I’d love to know!


Got these in today for the Envy….

No adapters yet though. So I just have to sit and stare at them. :grimacing:


Wow!! Didn’t know this was happening! :star_struck::exploding_head: Definitely want to hear more when you’ve had some time with it!

Congrats!! :partying_face:


Hey man. Awesome link. I made an account. Between blu ray audio, SACD and SHM-CD’s I’m pushing a good 140+ titles combined. Love it. Hi res physical media is my bag baby. Lol.