What's in the box!

Belden 9497 - gonna use for some speaker cable and RCA cables. Hope it lives up to the hype.




This is gonna’ be fun. Looking forward to your impressions.

Mark Gosdin

I’m giddy with joy right now!! Picked up a used pair that’s already been burned in at a 100 hours.

PSVANE ACME 2a3 for my DNA Stratus V4


Nice tube! I have a pair in my Stellaris and I am a big fan

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I have a pair of Sylvania’s that are warm (I really like them over stock.) and I’m hoping these are the exact opposite and have a lot of airy top end to their sound.

I will try out a few rectifiers with them too. Very interested in a mullard 5ar4 or GEC u52 combo.


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Purty. Something I’d like to put ears on.

Cool! Was that the used spring 2 or a brand-spanking new 3?

it was the lightly used spring 3 kte posted for sale.


Just arrived all the way from China!

Rolls the same tubes as the Darkvoice 336SE.


Okay, I know for certain I am not the only one who is wondering why you have so many of the same amp in multiples. What is the story, are you running an experiment?

I am assuming there is an intent with the 11 Little Dots, and the Schiit amps, and now these identical twins.

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Prepping for a cold winter? :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, it is a curiosity of mine too, but I love the enthusiasm no matter what! What better way to A-B tubes than to have both on at same time? :slight_smile:


Oh, I thought those were used to power a portal to a different dimension. One where headphones are not required as your favorite music is played and heard everywhere you go.


:wink: :+1:



I know. I have a serious problem; Audio hoarder. Let me share with you some of my lunacy.
With tube amps and hybrid amps I like to have multiple amps so that I don’t have to power them down when rolling tubes. It is so much fun plugging into different tubes and hearing the differences that one tube or one opamp has on the sound. Some people are all about the music. I on the other hand am all about the gear.
On the Schiit amps, I only have duplicates on the Jotunheim 1 because I wanted to compare the internal DAC card with the internal Multibit DAC card. I suppose I should sell one of the Jotunheim 1 amps as I no longer need it.
I have three Monolith Liquid Spark amps because they pair very well for $100 amps with my Beyerdynamic DT headphones. And, you know that there are three of them; DT770, DT880, and DT990.
I have two JDS Labs Atom amps because I used to use them to compare sources, mostly DACs. However, I have not used them in a very long time since I replaced them with Beyerdynamic A20 amps. So, I should probably sell both Atoms.
I have three Beyerdynamic A20 as they are my comparison amps for sources when using dynamic driver headphones. On most dynamic driver headphones the A20 produces the widest soundstage of any of my solid state amplifiers under $800.
The Little Dot 1+ has hundreds of tubes so that is why I have six of them plus one extra. I should probably get rid of all of them except for two since I have run out of space for them.
Some people collect lots of headphones. I keep telling myself that I just collect headphone amplifiers. So that way I can avoid feeling like I have a disorder.


Kudos for simply saying that out loud, I think it’s refreshing for someone to admit they’re in this mostly for the gear. The gear is super cool, there’s nothing wrong with that being the primary fascination.




To the personality who keeps buying these :o: , please stop tormenting me every weekend :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: