What's in the box!

I figured since i was digging through boxes, this would fall in this category

Been a while since I’ve seen these


Hi @hottyson what refreshing honesty like @chrisnyc75 says it really is nice to hear. If were all honest a lot of us will admit to being turned on by the gear too. But I also admit to loving great sound too. Though I know exactly where you are coming from.


Thanks chrisnyc75 and pfallon69.
BTW, anyone considering the xDuoo TA-26, it is garbage. Don’t buy it.


Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.


Diving hard into the Senn meme (Golden Era HD650). Gonna see if my upcoming tube amp will really transform these into endgame headphones.


Looks like an early 2010’s box, but the pads seem pretty fresh.
So glad to see people taking good care of their headphones!

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Yep, it’s a ~100k S/N which is pre-2014 when they switched to the black box case. Any of the HD650’s after 2014 are considered to be grainier and not as desirable in certain circles.

The pads are a bit compressed with the headband but I’m mostly going to see if tubes will really make these sing. Overall I still like the HD580 tonality over the HD650 but that’s all based on SS use.

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What is this special tube amp you are waiting to get, that will ascend into Senn heaven?

I’m getting a TU-8200R. Decided not to dive into the deep end since tubes might not be the best fit for my desktop setup.

I have no clue what that is, googled it and a tv came up at first. Figured it is the Elekit tube amp, or one of their available options.

Yea, its one of the tube amp kits. :slight_smile:

What are those anyway? Some obsolete format that was never very commercially viable? :wink:

Seriously, I have that Tool album on top of one of my disc piles too!

Let us know! Also, I’m trying to decide if it’s worth getting a balanced cable for my HD650, as I just got a Jot 2. I don’t use them much anymore… (Focal Clear, Aeolus, et al)

Turned in some of my CDs and picked up this one


Listening to that right now on my new Jot 2 via Aeolus! That’s too funny :laughing:


Besides the Jot 2 bal and SE sounding different, I don’t think it would be worth getting a balanced cable for your HD650. The real meme is to hook up these senns to a tube amplifier and even powerful SS amps don’t bring them to their potential.

If you said HD600 and are treble sensitive, I’d say YES. The 600 can flip its personality on balanced in a good way. The 650/6XX doesn’t have the same propensity to magnify noise and hiss, so I’m ambivalent. Balanced can be (but is often not) superior for definition and dynamics with less powerful amps, as it often delivers more juice than the single-ended output.

Balanced headphone setups likely made more sense 10+ years ago. Many headphone amps were weak and not very clean, so something was needed to deliver more clean power. Tube amps reach a similar destination through treble roll off, harmonics, and sound shaping too.

I tried balanced because the balanced jacks on my amps stared at me and the curiosity never went away. You can easily find a 600/650 cable for under $50 too.


Last Friday, right before this arrived, I had something go “Ping!” in my lower back. My son helped unbox it, so no pictures and it’s taken me nearly a week to get to where I felt like taking one. Yamaha A-S501sl, silver face amplifier is the new heart of my main system. The HP-3’s were the first thing plugged into it and I must say that they sound quite nice. It appears to have the old school resistor network to power the headphones. More fun coming once my back becomes more agreeable.

Mark Gosdin


Been a while since the unboxing… but better late than never :slight_smile:

Got the Yggy A2 and LCD-5 in a few weeks ago and I’m very content with this as my endgame setup (hah).

Also, I love how the tortiose shell on the LCD-5 doesn’t draw attention in normal lighting - it’s much darker in person. Will need to get a more worthy shelf for the Yggy as it’s a giant beast and my desk has no space for it - luckily I had a spare IKEA Lack come to the rescue in the meantime. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Happy Friday all and hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving