WiFi Headphones

New WiFi Headphones


They look cool, have very lightweight materials. I wonder what tech wizardry they have to overcome my aversion to expensive closed-backs.

$2,200 for a wireless headphone? Some people must love to just light money on fire.

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One can only hope that this Steamer/DAC/Amp/ Headphone combo is worth it’s money but I personally have serious doubts. If only one component is shoddy (which you cannot swap for a better one !) the whole thing is shoddy. For me that would be a very risky investment.

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Perhaps Resolve can get a pair for review. I would like to hear his opinion.

I like the concept, but the execution is paramount.

Here is the product website:

Hed Unity Website

I’m very happy with my Focal Bathys.

That’s Hed - not to be confused with Hedu-du. :wink: