Withdrawn: Audeze LCD-MX4 w/pelican case and extra cables

Price: $1300 shipped CON-US
Currency: USD
Ships to: CON-US

Sold offsite 12/31/2020


  • Audeze LCD-MX4 with accessories (see below) - $1400 shipped
  • Stock LCD 1/4" terminated cable (black)
  • Custom XLR male terminated cable (red) - tested and works well, primarily ran off single ended
  • 1/4" female to 3.5mm male Audeze adapter
  • 1/4" and 3.5mm combo to XLR female adapter
  • See Photos - right yoke has small chip in the finish near the back, received in this condition from previous seller
  • Underside and front of earpads show some wear, no functional issues with pads

Selling these since I recently acquired a LCD-4, these were by far my favorites until then though. Payment would be handled via Paypal invoice (G&S). Let me know if you have any additional questions, thanks!


Price Drop: $1300

Also updated the photo gallery, thanks!