Withdrawn: Lots of little Schiits Sale

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a bunch of stuff kicking around that has no place in any room for me now having settled on other stuff. It shows I’m obviously a Schiit fan boy. Every enthusiast should have a Modi/Magni stack in each full bathroom, right?

Anyway, please message me directly if interested and we can work out prices and I can take and send pics to anyone who needs to see them, but they are all but one as mint as the website.

I am the original owner direct from Schiit of everything except the Asgard 2 & 3, all mint unless noted, all black unless noted

Everything has original box.

Schiit for Sale

SOLD Valhalla 2, black, mint, few months old, stock tubes
Magni Heresy, mint
Modi 3E, black, mint, few months old
SOLD Modi +, black, mint, just bought it, then got the new Modi MB, loved it, then got the Gugnir!
Asgard 3, black, no DAC, not original owner, a couple very faint scuffs on top
Asgard 2, silver, good condition, a small scratch on top, not original owner
Gungnir MB Silver, B stock with blemishes on top, purchased in January 2023


So much yummy Schiit!
Tag for a great seller. GLWS!

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Is the Asgard 3 still available?

Yes it is! I’ll start a DM with you.

Bumping this, just added the Gungnir MB silver…please DM me for prices. I’ll be taking pictures this week as soon as I can.