Words of Wisdom from the User Guide - Treasure Trove of Mis-Translated Advice


From KZ Acoustics on Safety:

“Motorists using the headset is not only dangerous, but also illegal in may places, also belong to, because it will reduce the chance that you hear in your life outside of the vehicle in relation security of the sound, such as other automotive whistle and sirens. Do not wear a headset you can instead use while drive the car FM transmitter to the contents of the removable media device.”

Hey folks - translation is not always easy, unless Google is your translator. I know, but it doesn’t stop me from smiling sometimes. I recall a travel guide promoting the “out of order attractions of the wintery sport”.


Later in the manual:

" In the strong noise subway, even if the surrounding environment is noisy, but because of the sensitivity of the ear can be adjusted so that the sound can be listened to with the environmental conditions adjusted accordingly, so that the unpleasant sensation caused by the gradual elimination of noise, people can sleep in this environment."

Darn it, when I was a kid, we didn’t have any environment interfering with us. We just stuck our fingers in our ears and screamed.

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Ah! Found it. A scan and PDF I made of a very old copy of a copy of something that came out of an ancient - pre digital - issue of The Spectator (now at https://www.spectator.co.uk but they have nothing before 2002 and this was easily 1970 or earlier) . I tried various ways to capture this, it’s now a PDF image with some converted text behind it. Looks like a series of images is all that works here. Enjoy!





…all your base are belong to us…not just for gamers anymore. Now hard core bass addicts have a battle cry.


I wish I could give more than one :hearts: for this link. Many are just so-so, but some are classics.,