WTB: Schiit Bifrost 2, Schiit Asgard 3, ZMF Salire, ZMF Lektrik/Lektrik S/Similar (H) PayPal

Hey guys!

I just recently purchased a preowned Auteur and Ray Samuels the Raptor amp and I’m looking for a Schiit Bifrost 2 to complete the setup! I am ready to transact ASAP as the rest of the setup is on the way to me as I type this.

Also looking for an Asgard 3, ZMF Salire and something similar to a ZMF Lektrik or Lektrik S.

I know I’m a new account but I have multiple references from other websites (Hifiguides, eBay, etc.) and am happy to provide whatever I need to make the seller feel comfortable.

Regardless please PM or comment if you have anything that will work for me!

Edit: Bifrost 2 secured! Other items are still on the list!

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Welcome. There’s a B2 and A3 currently listed: https://www.schiit.com/b-stocks


I see that! Thank you!

Not sure the A3 will work, it’s 230v and I’m US based. Considering the BF2 though…

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There was a 115 volt Asgard 3 on Schiit’s B stock list yesterday but it sold fast.
Best of luck with the Raptor! I have a Ray Samuels Emmeline HR2 and really like it.
I also have an Asgard 3 which is a great amp for the money. If you want an Asgard 3
with a factory warranty and want to save a few dollars keep an eye on the B stock page.
One will eventually show up.

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Can’t wait to get the setup in and give it a whirl! Just ordered my BF2 from Schiit so that is off the list. The Asgard isn’t as pressing as it is just going to be the single ended option in the chain, however I expect the Raptor will be the primary amp I use. Thanks for the advice/help though man!

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Glad to help! Really hope you enjoy your new system.