WTS: Abyss Diana TC - $4100 ConUS

Price: $4100 ConUS
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere, but buyer pays shipping outside ConUS
Local Pickup: Orange County California (will knock shipping and frees off the price for local cash/FF)

These are brand new Abyss Diana TCs in the coffee colorway with an XLR cable. With under 200 hours of total use on them they are still absolutely mint. With an incredibly deep stand and laser focused imaging, on my current chain, these are easily within the same tier as susvara in terms of technicalities.

They take the classic 1266 TC sound and bring the mids up such that they actually work with all music (unlike 1266 TC). While the staging is slightly different than 1266 in that it favors depth over the 1266’s width, they are an extremely pleasant listen. If I am honest, I personally prefer them over 1266 because of the better handling of male vocals. If you adjust the pads and fit to allow for a proper air gap they also are capable of truly astounding bass texture, speed, and rumble (not 1266 levels, but not all that far off). I think what surprised me most with DTC though is the way they respond to portable setups. While you do need some serious juice to get the rumble and slam I get off of my 13R (BX2+ will do it but not much else will) you can get everything else that the DTC does exceptionally off of a higher end portable setup. Its to the point that I have preferred the DTC off of my mass kobo 428 (low power portable amp) to several desktop amps in the ~1500 USD used range and I rank it as tied for first place (to the D8k Pro) for outright technical performance when run directly out of my dap (P6 Pro).

Overall these are on the way out simply to fund a better dac and because I know that I can always order another set when I would like them back in my stable.

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