WTS/WTT: Various Vintage EL84 / 6BQ5 / 7189 tubes (Telefunken, Amperex, Siemens, Mullard/IEC, Lindal) **PRICE DROP**

Price: $50 obo
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental USA I recently bought a large collection of output tubes to try in my Quicksilver Headphone Amp. I have decided which pairs I want to keep, so I’m going to sell the rest to recoup some of my costs.

I don’t have a tube tester, but the seller I got all the tubes from said they all tested “good”. I haven’t rolled them all in my amp because I don’t want to wear out my sockets. I’m selling as-is, without boxes. I’ll wrap each individual tube securely in bubble wrap before shipping.

Only tubes I’m interested in trading for are 1950’s Amperex Foil D Getter 12AX7’s.

I have the following up for sale:

Telefunken EL84 x 2 (diamond on bottom): SOLD

Telefunken 7189 (diamond on bottom): SOLD

Amperex EL84 x 1 (made in Vienna, code: kM4 A7K1): $25

Siemens EL84 x 1 (code: RX3 ≠2K): $20

Mullard/IEC EL84 x 1 (made in Italy, code: 1022-628): $15

Lindal EL84 x 1: $15

Price is $50 for the remaining 4 tubes. I’ll cover shipping in the continental US as well as the PayPal fees if you buy all 4. I’d prefer to sell them together, but if I can’t find a buyer, I’m open to selling them individually. Add $5 shipping if you buy individual tubes or pairs.

Thanks for looking,


I guess I’m asking too much. I’m dropping the price a bit.

Price drop to $200 for all 7 tubes. Also took $5 off each tube if bought individually.

Fee free to make me an offer.

Another price drop on the lot. I’m going to put these on eBay in the near future if I can’t find a buyer.

This is my final price drop. Thanks for looking!

I know I said the last one was my final price drop, but here’s another one!

Someone that owns a pendant should snag those telefunken el84’s!!

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A final price drop for the rest of these.

Only 4 left. $50 takes them.