Your Favorite YouTube reviewers


I don’t think Resolve Reviews and Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews have been mentioned yet.

Resolve doesn’t have many videos but I find he is quite informative (even though he sometimes veers off topic a little). BGGA is a lot like Zeos but with (I feel) a more informed/unbiased opinion on sound quality. Both can ramble on quite a bit so I wouldn’t check them out first for condensed opinions. I guess I find long opinionated soliloquies entertaining.


Resolve Reviews is user Audiofail in reddit and SBAF. I have had some conversations with him and I really like what he is doing. His videos are newer and he said he might be slowing down since he has sort of reached the end in terms of his gear satisfaction, but I think he is a great resource and great to talk to. His impressions are pretty spot on with my own as well.


Anyone here heard of either Zero Fidelity or Hifi Heaven? I’ll sometimes catch their reviews too, although I mainly watch aornic and DMS3.


I’m a big fan of Currawong’s reviews. He goes into extensive detail about build which I really like.

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I am surprised that no one has mentioned Steve Guttenberg. He reviews everything audio related. I watch The Audiophiliac almost every day. He has been at it a long time and just seems to be a good guy.

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I found out about this forum from Guttenberg and became a founding member.


I will watch John Darko, Z-reviews, and Josh Valour (SP?), along with a smattering of other youtubers including Guttenberg. But I lose interest fairly rapidly if they are talking about audio gear I don’t care about.

I would say Josh Valour has the best production along with John Darko. Relatability is hit and miss with all of them though. Z-reviews can be a fun rambling listen, but can get tiresome.

I would have to say John Darko and Josh Valour are the easiest to listen/watch.

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I watch pretty much everyone (except tech channels, which I hope goes without saying), like aornic, Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews, Currawong, DMS, HeadKarma, Hifi Heaven, Hi-Fi Insider, InnerFidelity, Joshua Valour, lachlanlikesathing, metal571, phototristan, The Master Switch, The Nitpicker, Zeos.
There are never too many videos. I very rarely go back and watch a review and I avoid them if I see them at a later point because I don’t want to refresh my expectation bias when I use a new headphone, and when I feel I have a headphone figured out, I’m rarely interested in hearing about it, so I just watch reviews for build quality and comfort issues and consistent opinions on sound. I don’t relate to any of those reviewers.

But my favorite is HeadKarma. He talks about sources, genres, and the headphones he compares to. He’s very descriptive, in-depth, coherent, and has a laid-back and seemingly genuine and no-bullshit style and doesn’t get overexcited. Unfortunately, he makes very few reviews.


Now that Tyll is retired, I don’t watch YouTube reviewers very often. However, in the spirit of sharing, here is my brutal and honest opinions of the popular channels that I am aware of. (Buckle up, I’m letting rip with this one.)

Zeos… I find him to be funny once in a while, but I just can’t relate to his sonic preferences, ways of speaking, thought processes, or… well… anything really. Except build quality. He is pretty good at sniffing out poorly built things. That, and creeping literally everyone out with those pre-teen anime girl pics. I suspect he can’t move into a bigger apartment without being legally required to let his new neighbors know certain… cough… things.

Aornic will take a topic and use it to beat a horse into fine ground hamburger. No one has time for that shit.

Rafe Arnott - Pretentious hipster who lives in a world where he is an audiophile god. (Said world is surrounded by Reality, fortunately, which bears little semblance to Rafe-land.) His idea of getting into headphones is taking long rides around town on the bus while wearing bubinga Audeze LCD-XCs, then proudly proclaiming them to be the bestestest ever. :fu: You do you man. Coincidentally, he has written some of the worst reviews to ever grace the audio hobby. If we can get him to quit, that’d be great. I think he would feel more at home as a barista in a 100% organic, responsibly sourced, coffee-flavored-soy and almond milk shop. I’m not saying he would do a better job at it, but… you get the point.

DMS has said shit that makes me wonder if he was born with ears, or if they were hacked in after the fact. When I squint and zoom in, I swear I can see the scars… Maybe those are just stress lines caused from the immense amount of disdain he has for the Magni 3 and the indignity he suffered through while listening to it?

People who have no business writing about hi-fi headphones: The Verge. Forbes. CNet. Digital Trends. All of these sites are either A) neophytes in high end audio themselves, thus have no right to tell people what’s good and bad, or B) are corporate wage slaves trying desperately not to get flogged for missing another trendy publication deadline. Either way, they should burn in audiophile hell for what they’ve done. For example: The M50X is a terrible starting point to push people toward if they are trying to get better sounding gear, IMO, and all of these sites have had them as a top pick at one time or another. It’s a damned sin. Repent!

Reviewers I can’t find common ground with: Currawong, Lachlan, Darko. It is what it is.



Wow you certainly tell it like it is. :slightly_smiling_face:. I think that there are a lot of egos flying around with regards video reviews. I don’t dislike all video reviews but in reality I don’t really watch that many anyway.

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It was a Monday. Going back and rereading it, I think I was more harsh than I intended. I retract the bad things I said.

Except about Rafe.


Hehe no worries. It wasn’t a criticism. There are an awful lot of people with opinions about everything on YouTube. We can’t like everyone. I used to like Tyll as most seem to do. But it’s left a bit of a vacuum now that he’s driven off into the badlands. Who will fill it?


Joshua Valour perhaps over time. Concise guy.


He is local to the Seattle area also. Maybe convince him to come to one of our potential NorthWest meet-ups?


I discovered Bert’s Reviews via metal571 yesterday. This channel is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Here’s an example:


OMG, we have a new headphone weight measurement scale. 4 cookies.

My ZMFs weigh about 38 cookies?