ZMF Vérité C - Closed-Back Dynamic Headphone - Official Thread

Loving my VC olive wood at home and hoping to find a portable setup for when I’m on vacation/when I need to work in the office. Any recommendations?

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I’ve not heard it but you might take a look at the Cayin C9, which @antdroid reviewed here. I don’t know if the Cayin N8 DAP would be suitable, e.g. re. power, but FWIW, Cayin seems to be the most prominent manufacturer of portable gear that uses tubes.

Cayin also makes DAPs, or at least it used to make them - as with the N6ii DAP - that have replaceable modules, e.g. the one with an R2R DAC. I’ve not used any Cayin products but I’ve seen people praise them on the forums.


I just upgraded from an A&K S25 to the new SE180, and I really like it - it’s powerful enough to drive my ZMF and Focals with ease, and has more depth and richness than the S25 (though the same wonderful level of detail).


I use a Fiio M11 Pro with my Eikon’s at the office - seems to work great - has no problem driving them properly - the volume gets uncomfortable loud for me anywhere above the 80s and it goes to 120. I use a balanced 4.4 cable and use it on High gain mode. Battery life isn’t amazing, but i’m never far from a charge cord, so that wasn’t a big deal to me.


I’ve finally joined the VC club as my Olives arrived Thursday past. All can say is DAYUM!


How long from order to delivery? I’m in sanding/finishing for the olives.


I sorta lucked out and got these on eBay. They were listed and sold that seemed like in a matter of minutes. The headphones were advertised as new and the backstory is the seller never used them. He placed the order in April and they were delivered on July 26th and as promised the seller included the receipt along with the packaging.

Everything was as new and the cost was significantly lower if I had placed the order myself. It was a big savings. The stars really lined up for me with these because I was looking but didn’t want to go through the waiting process. Seriously, patience has it’s virtues.

Listening to them has been an absolute joy!


I have tried recently the VC, coming from a Kennerton GH50, It was very hard to get use to :
Less dynamic and separation, trebles do not sparkle as much as the Kennerton, less fun.
What can I do to appreciate more this VC which cost me 2,5 times more than the Gallahorn ?
Pads used : Auteur + Verité
Source : DAP Shanling M8
Cable : OFC cable supplied with the set
Music listened : Pop, Rock, Jazz and Funk
Volume : moderate not top high
Signature like: V shaped, detailed, sparkling treble but no hisse, deep bass tight, great separation.

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Sell it and return to the gh50? :wink: I love my lsa hp-2 ultra (gjallarhorn clone) and it was a small amount of feedback like this that prevented me from jumping in on a stabilized VC. I still want to hear one though.

I think the VC would need proper tube amping to shine. While the gh50 shines on an apple dongle.

I definitely want to hear the end of this story.

Your Shanling M8 may not be powerful enough or it may not have good synergy with the VC.

Having said that, are you maximizing the power output?

I looked up it’s specs and you need to set it to high gain and use a balanced output (2.5 or 4.4mm) to access the M8’s 840mW into 32 Ohms. If you use the regular 3.5mm jack, it can only output 260mW, which is definitely not enough for the VC.


Verite is not about sparkle, it’s about a warm refined presentation of detail without any glare or brightness. Verite’s sound signature just may not be for you, or maybe you need to give your brain some time to get used to the new sound signature. An awful lot of hifi is really just psychology.

Fwiw, I was used to a brighter sound signature when I first got Verite, and it took me weeks to warm up (pun intended!) to Verite’s sound signature. In the long run, though, it has become my absolute favorite headphone. Give your brain some time to adjust and figure out what it’s hearing before you decide you just don’t like it. If your brain is expecting sparkle and then doesn’t get sparkle it interprets that as “bad” when really it’s just “different”.


What might be the most suitable DAP for the VC for those who do not want to carry out a Desktop when they move.

Before we start looking into different DAPs, can you confirm you’re using the balanced outputs on your M8? I wanted to make sure you’re at least using your current DAC optimally.

Yes, I do confirm I am using the balanced output of my Shanling M8 through a custom cans cable from UK which is supposed to be quite clear

@TylersEclectic has used a Cayin N6ii with his VC.

But if you’re going for a portable solution, it might be better to choose a headphone that’s easier to drive than a VC.


It is a bit too late I have already the VC fully paid…

I’ve not heard it, and you’d need deep pockets (in more ways than one), but @TylersEclectic also listened to the Vérité with an Astell & Kern Kann Cube:


What about adding an amp to the DAP?


What about the Astell & Kern Kann Alpha with ils powerful 12Vrms to drive this VC ?

The first post in this thread shows the power requirements for the Vérité C.

6.1V (rms) is enough to push them to 120 dB/SPL. Plenty of headroom from the KANN Alpha, and, indeed, lower-powered units like the SP2000.