ZMF Vérité C - Closed-Back Dynamic Headphone - Official Thread

I needed to publicly apologize for what I have said. I was young and naive. I hope @zach915m can find forgiveness in his heart. You have pulled back the veil from my eyes. I am now much older and wiser with a pair of Verite Closed. They sound heavenly. Thanks Zach!


My line of recent headphones is Celestee to DCA Noire before the Verite. I switched from Celestee to the Noire because it was said they didn’t have that ear pressure feel. After spending a couple of weeks with the Verite I noticed that pressure again. @generic and @Resolve you’ve mentioned you’re pretty sensitive to that pressure and I think you both run Verites so I hope you can help.

I’ve seen the 789 not recommended for this headphone and that’s what I’m using.
-Could that be the cause of this pressure?
-Would something like a Pendant fix it?

I’ve also noticed that if I use an EQ like AutoEQ the pressure is reduced. I think you mentioned something like reduced 5k is what you use @Resolve is that right?
-Is there a better EQ for pressure?
-Could a certain pad help?

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I’m not sure about the ear pressure thing you mention, but if it’s the VC, maybe try Chrono’s presets? It all depends on which pads you have with those too so that’s tough to know what’ll work.

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No, I don’t run them.

I perceive that headphone models with strong dynamics involve greater changes in air pressure. In my experience the driver technology is the biggest factor, with moving cones being the worst while planar magnetics are better.

Dynamic drivers physically move a cone forward and back, so all the air in the cup must move at once or be compressed in response. Open backs let the air out, and thereby reduce the pressure sensation. Planar drivers move the air, but to my ear and experience, not in parallel or unison (i.e., to me they sound flat, dithered, and diffuse).

Perhaps a moderate factor. The 789’s main enjoyment failing is in how it emphasizes transitions between notes (and thereby volume). This could result in exaggerated grain/texture. However, its clean anti-noise technology makes many notes decay faster and could thereby reduce driver extension (as the cause of pressure generation). I found that the 789 reduced both glare (exaggerated mid-high notes) and fatigue relative to other amps, but it surely didn’t remove the Elex’s piercing character.

To my ears tube amps per se mainly add harmonics (i.e., coordinated distortion). This – perceptually – serves to improve/smooth note transitions and also adds coloration through reverberations (i.e., illusory sense of space, ringing, chiming, vibrato, random bass rumble). Sometimes a particular tube can resonate more in high or low frequencies, and when lower they sound warmer and less fatiguing. However, tubes can whine and pierce or generate odd artifacts too. Many people attribute transformer coloration to tubes (e.g., fuzzy, rolled off, thick, cloudy), but that is seemingly a function of old school designs and unrelated to tubes per se.

I’ve never thought that EQ could help with pressure fatigue. It can control or eliminate treble frequency fatigue. In contrast, pressure fatigue involves moving air and spans the entire frequency spectrum. As above, it seems more apparent to me with headphones having close time alignment (dynamic drivers).

In my experience thicker pads increase the air pocket space of closed cups and result in a slower onset of pressure fatigue. The worst I ever tried was the Meze 99 Classic – tiny closed cups. The Focal Elegia was also bad because they put Focal’s punchy dynamic drivers in a closed cup. Note that thicker pads will also change the tone, so EQ would be needed to bring back affected frequencies.


Thank you for putting the time into explaining. This is really insightful!


Went on a search for excellent sounding closed back headphones after having kids and the associated noise that comes with a larger family. I landed on these as the most not closed sounding closed phones. Just happened to have done this right before the November sales events so was able to pick these up as b-stocks. The detail and clarity with these are stunning.


My Blackwood VCs shipped today!!


ZMF Crescent Strap announced

I’ve been really impressed with my Blackwood VC. Not only are they gorgeous, but they sound amazing.


Picked mine up this evening. They are beautiful :star_struck:. I’m impressed with the sound and I just plugged them. I have missed having VCs in the house! I love my Bocote Auteurs, but just something magical for me with VCs. Also, very surprising that the Blackwood VC with magnesium frame feels quite a bit lighter than my Bocote Auteur with aluminum frame. Like the new headband too.


Love my new Blackwoods!


They’re beautiful! The grain’s lovely. Congrats!