2023 Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Deals Thread

We didn’t have one of these going this year so I figured it would be a great time to start one! Post all the deals you see as they come through and I’ll continue to update the thread.

Any deals you have your eyes on? Anything you hoping goes on sale?

Headphones.com Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

20% off Focal Headphones (10% off Bathys)

20% off Empire Ears Universal IEMs

20% off 64 Audio Universal IEMs

20% off 64 Audio Custom IEMs

35% off 64 Audio B-Stock

Up to $2,000 off KEF Speakers

20% off Burson Audio Amps & DACs and 17% off the new Burson Audio Voyager

15% off Moondrop IEMs

15% off Topping Amps & DACs

Up to $400 off Sennheiser Headphones

10% off Headphones.com Gift Cards

20% off Naim Amps, DACs & Streamers

Shenzen Audio Black Friday Sale (Truthear, Moondrop, Tanchjim, Softears, & more)

Linsoul Black Friday Sale

Audio-Technica Black Friday Sale (Turntables, Headphones, Microphones)

Symphonium Audio Black Friday Sale

Apple Black Friday Deals

Best Buy Black Friday Deals

Dunu TopSound Black Friday Deals

Eletech Cables Black Friday Deals

Effect Audio Black Friday Deals

Campfire Audio Black Friday

15% off Shangling DAPs

Questyle Black Friday Deals (including 15% off the Questyle M15)

Meze Audio Black Friday Deals

Various Hifiman Black Friday Deals

Various Schiit B-Stock and Closeouts

Qobuz Black Friday sale on various albums


Damn LS50 Metas for under $1k is darn tempting


I picked up some LS50II Wireless about 6 months ago. Absolutely love them. If I had the room in my apartment for passive speakers with a dedicated receiver I probably would have gone with the Metas instead but my wife was pretty clear about keeping cables to a minimum. Maybe when we move into a bigger place!


There is nothing wrong with cables that a little creative carpentry can’t remedy.


When you want to hide cables, just buy more expensive cables so you no longer want to hide them :wink:


Yes. Cables are audio jewelry for men. You gotta flaunt that sh*%#. :money_mouth_face:


Speaking of cables… 20% off everything at Kimber Kable “until midnight Cyber Monday”

As far as I can tell this is an annual event and the only sale they ever have. Like Chad Kassem says, “Buy now or cry later.” :wink:


Holiday deals post, including some sources I check towards the bottom so you can DIY your own searches. After Cybermonday and the 11/11 there hasn’t been many big sales on audio equipment. These are the current ones.

xDuoo MP-01 Tube Headphone Amplifier $65

Topping PA3S amplifier used $75

Monoprice 25 Watt Stereo Hybrid Tube Amplifier $99

Topping PA7 amplifier $300 used

SMSL DL200 new $170
I use one with a Sabaj A20h since it’s a 5 volt DAC, well worth having one.

Topping MX3s Amplifier $140 used via Hificollege (1 year warranty)

Topping L50 amplifier $120 used (silver, $8 shipping)

Topping G5 Portable amp/DAC $240 used

SMSL DO200 MKII MQA DAC $269 used

SMSL HO200 Amplifier $249 used

SMSL C200 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier $131 used

Topping Pre90 Pre-amplifier $450 used, silver

Topping E70 Velvet AK4499EX DAC $323 used

S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10th MKII DAC $59 used

Moondrop Blessing 3 used $252

Amazon Overstock has some good Home Audio category deals. A lot of cables, adapters, etc. at half off.

Apos Certified has some good deals too, too much to list individually

Walmart even has a Flash Deals site worth checking sometimes

Sennheiser Outlet has factory refurbished at big discounts, also 10 percent off if you sign up for the newsletter. Factory warranty on it all.

Audio Technica has an outlet as well

Crutchfield Outlet sells open box items they have at

Adorama: This is their email discount search link, sorted by largest discount for headphones

Woot.com has an electronics category worth checking
Discount Electronics | Woot

Soundblaster Refurbished has good stuff in stock at times like the G6 and sound bars

Offerup has good things sometimes, it’s like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

Best Buy Outlet has some great deals, a store locator will find the nearest outlet

US Audio Mart is worth checking out also

Picclick is an eBay search tool with many powerful features for finding information not displayed normally on the eBay site itself.

CamelCamelCamel This is a price tracker for Amazon. One thing it’s also handy for is historically tracking sale prices, so you can get an idea when an Amazon sale is going to end or start on a specific item.