Holiday, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022 - Megathread

Deals are starting to coming through for the Holiday season! Post them in this thread!

Focal Clear for $839 (Original MSRP $1499)

20% off Burson Audio

15% off on Moondrop

15% off on Topping DACs and Amps

15% off on SMSL

Various savings on Sennheiser headphones’s Holiday Sales collections (updated daily with open-box deals and new sales)

20% off the Feliks Audio Euforia and Feliks Audio Euforia 20th Anniversary Edition

Dunu Black Friday Sale - Buy from Dunu or Buy from

Audeze B-Stock Sale

Sonarworks Black Friday Sale

Hifiman Clearance Sales

64 Audio Universal IEMs for 20% off ($400 off the infamous U12t!)

Meze Empyrean for $600 off and 99 Classics on sale

Focal Radiance for $300 off

10% off Symphonium Audio IEMs

20% off Focal Clear MG and Focal Celestee

iBasso DX240 for $320 off, iBasso DX170 for $90 off


Per an Audeze Insider email from this morning, Audeze’s B-stock sale is scheduled to launch in 1 to 2 weeks. I purchased a LCD-2 at their last sale and except for a couple of blemishes in the varnish on the cups and a scratch on the yoke, it might as well been new.


The Black Friday Sale has begun!
All NMD Custom Pads are available with up to 20% discount for a limited time only.

10% off on your orders, plus an additional 10% off if you share this post, like NTRAX MOD Design page, and name three friends in the comments.

NMD Custom Pads types:
Hifiman HE Series
Hifiman Sundara
Hifiman Ananda, XS, Arya, HE1K
Audeze LCD 2, 2C, X, XC, 3, 4, 5

Full customizable from size, material and color.
Leadtime 2 to 3 weeks.
All orders are subject to shipping charges.
Items are shipped via DHL Express
Payment available PayPal only for International.
Bank Transfer for Malaysian citizens only.

#NMDCustomPads #HifimanPads #AudezePads #BlackFridaySale

This thread compiles Black Friday 2022 headphone and audio deals.
Please add and update.

Burson Audio:


Disclaimer - I do not work for or have any financial interest with Burson Audio

Burson Click Frenzy 2022

Click Early. Go frenzy! - 20% off everything, including already discounted offers.

Stock is very limited so let’s jump the gun and upgrade your listening experience!

We are taking 20% off everything, including already discounted offers!

With our unique Max Current power supply, fully discrete output stage, and massive idling currents, the Burson headphone amps and DACs have more awards and rave reviews than you can poke a stick at!

The Burson opamps are core to our 18-year-long R&D. With their incredible sound, ease of use, reverse voltage protection, and lifetime warranty, they are the go-to choice for any DIYers.

The Burson accessories are no gimmick upgrades! From our Super Chargers, which push the performance of our amps even higher, to our sexy and practical Cool Stands and Motherships, they upgrade your living space and sound!

With 20% off, now is the time to upgrade your listening experience!

There will be no better deal on Black Friday, and stock is very limited.


Use Coupon Code at the checkout: 20OFF


Let the madness begin!

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Tell me you work for Burson without telling me you work for Burson.


I don’t work for Burson… just put this out here in case some want a deal… hope everyone does the same thing this year for the deals… I took advantage of it and bought two DAC/AMPs …

we should see many headphone related deals this year…

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3 Likes…FD0ghSwBit8eNzPu9EvaTxZduui1kn17vExAo=.Px9JrZ


$699 for the LCD-X!!!??? :astonished: :exploding_head:


Damn, missed the LCD-4.

$799 for the LCD-XC is tempting, but I’m waiting for ZMF November.



The LCD-X seems to be a genuine deal, but it’s still the old heavyweight design. It’s a nonstarter for me on weight alone. I’m curious about the LCD-5, but not $3,500 curious.

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You can find mint condition lcd-5s for less than $2800 and warranty is transferable

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Its weight is its only drawback for me, although I’ve gotten used to it. Still, the MM-500 keeps calling my name haha; I’m pondering selling and putting the money toward one, but I’m in no rush. I could technically return it and just get the MM, but I won’t because I don’t want to abuse Headphones dot com’s policy.

$699 is worth the caveat of its weight IMO, though.

Somehow I whiff on this every year. I open the page about 10 minutes before it’s supposed to go live and about half of the items are already sold out. I’m obviously missing something – do they open the page for some people ahead of the stated time or something?

I was hoping for those Rosewood LCD-2 this year. :angry:

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Audio brand B-Stock has often come to mean regular new stuff sold at a discount but not officially sold as regular to preserve full price resale values. There’s no guarantee that any of the “sold out” items were ever going to be available, or whether more than 1-2 were available. They might be just like the large stuffed animals hung on the wall at a carnival ring toss game. Spend $50 to win a $5 prize.

Makes sense. Well, I can claim that I’m “saving” that money I would have spent. So it can (maybe) go towards what I’m really planning on asking Santa for anyways – an LTA MZ2.

Not rationalizing or anything…


Wow. That’s nuts. I just paid $785 for a lightly used pair and thought I was getting a deal!

hmmm… so $1700 for the LCD-4 with 3 yr factory warranty … must be nice to win a set of those at that price… so does that set a new USED price for the LCD-4 without warranty at $1500 ???