Black Friday 2018

Here is the thread to post all the Black Friday deals you find out there to help everyone out! Basically just post the deal price and if you know the MSRP post that as well. Black Friday bundles can be included as well.

Available deals that I’ve seen ahead of Black Friday are:

  • Astell&Kern Kann at $799 (Regular price is $999)
  • Astell&Kern T1p at $699 (Regular price is $999)
  • Astell&Kern /Jerry Harvey Collab Billie Jean IEMs at $299 (Regular price is $349)
  • Audeze B-Stock sale (Lots of b-stock here, basically a sale until its all sold out kind of deal)
  • FiiO X5 3rd Gen at $289.99 (Regular price is $349.99)
  • FiiO X3 Mark III at $149.99 (Regular price is $189.99)
  • FiiO M7 at $169.99 (Regular price is $199.99)
  • FiiO F9 at 84.99 (Regular price is $99.99)
  • FiiO F5 at $49.99 (Regular price is $64.99)
  • FiiO F1 at 11.99 (Regular price is $12.99, save a whole dollar!)
  • FiiO A5 at 89.99 (Regular price is $129.99)
  • FiiO A1 at 19.99 (Regular price is $27.99)
  • Sennheiser HD 4.50BT at $149.95 (Regular price is $179.95)
  • Sennheiser HD1 Free at $119.95 (Regular price is $199.95)
  • Sennheiser RS 175 at $199.95 (Regular price is $279.95)
  • Sennheiser RS 185 at $299.95 (Regular price is $399.95)
  • Sennheiser RS 195 at $299.95 (Regular price is $449.95)
  • Westone UM1 at $79.99 (Regular price is $99.99)

I imagine lots more deals are going to be announced over the next two days so make sure to keep checking back and if you have any deals to add I will add it to the deals list at the top of the thread!


Great buy on the Fiio X5 3rd gen. I’ve seen them sell used for close to that price. On top of that it is a great Dap. It even decodes Dsd streams. I’d jump on that if I didn’t have one. I really enjoy it.

Keep them deals coming.


Linsoul just sent me an Amazon code for items bought through LSR-Direct. If you’re interested in Chinese branded IEMs and accessories - LINSOUL2018 will get you an additional 15% off your purchase. I believe it expires after Cyber Monday.

Adorama has the frankenstein Hifiman HE560 for $249. This is the HE560 with the HE6 cups, HE560 drivers, 3.5mm connectors, and Sundara headband.

Massdrop is having Black Friday deals all week.


The A&K Kann is a great machine. It’s on heavy side for a portable player, but makes great music. Recommended.


I came across this link. All kinds of black friday sales on audio and headphone gear, including 10% off Woo Audio with free shipping.


15% off eBay today only

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Monoprice Liquid Platinum can be had for $600 with that ebay coupon.

Doge Amplifiers Sale

64 Audio is doing up to 20% off their Universal and Custom IEMs for Black Friday. Announcement date is today and the sale will be the 23rd to 25th.

20% for the tia Fourte , U18t, A18t
15% for the tia Trio, U12t, A12t, N8, A6t, A4t, A3e and various accessories.


Focal Clear at $1100 (Reg price is $1499, no trade-in required. This is a straight sale).

Focal Listen at $129 (Reg price is $249)

Empire Ears IEMs are 15% off

Noble IEMs are between 15-20% off


Sonarworks has 40% off True-Fi ($47 vs. the normal $79) and Reference 4 Headphone Edition ($59 vs. the normal $99). I believe this is valid through tomorrow.

Note that both products can be activated on up to three machines, and you can mix and match between Windows and macOS for those of you that run both OS.


They still have only 2 Audeze models and no HD58X yet :frowning:

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For the Audeze stuff, I would guess that’s largely due to Audeze having their own free plug-in that covers their line-up - and that probably reduces the number of requests they get to add new models (especially for Reference - as that’s intended for use with DAWs which can generally run the Audeze plug-ins directly).

On the HD58X, they only just added the HD6XX and K7XX- so absent lots of requests for it, based on historical trends that’ll probably be a while too.

It’s worth noting that the list of supported headphones, while broadly similar, is different between True-Fi and Sonarworks Reference. So it can pay to check both. (You can run both on one machine - though I’ve generally found it to be a pain to do so).

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True enough, though from what I understand the correction curves are likely quite different between the two.

Yeah. I did notice that they’ve added the HE4XX too, which is cool.

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BTW, for anyone willing and able to use a VST plugin to do headphone correction, Toneboosters Morphit is available as a free download as part of their plugin suite.


Broke down and picked up Sonar works True-Fi, and the Reference 4 update…so far working like a charm…it would crash on my PC (now dedicated gaming PC) but on my MacMini 2018 (just installed 32gb ram tonight, pretty sure I lost a tiny screw sigh) I may be a Mac convert…for day to day and music at least…PC still wins on gaming :wink:
edit: @Torq thanks for reminding me about the sale…I kept putting it off the past couple days…


Channel Classics has 28% off on their entire catalog (both discs and downloads) until Nov. 28. Shipping to US is a flat €7.50.

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Massdrop has the AR-H1 Planar Magnetic headphone for $249, AKG K7XX for $159

And Koss Porta Pro’s for $29 too…stocking stuffers or office gifts or grandmother gifts?