AKG - Official Thread

AKG Acoustics (originally Akustische und Kino-Geräte Gesellschaft m.b.H., English: Acoustic and Cinema Equipment L.L.C.) is an acoustics engineering and manufacturing company. It was founded in 1947 by Rudolf Görike and Ernest Plass in Vienna, Austria. It is a part of Harman International Industries, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

The products currently marketed under the AKG brand mostly consist of microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems and related accessories for professional and consumer markets.

AKG is a legendary brand with models like the classic K240, K1000 ear speaker, interesting K7?? series and the newer K3x1 closed back models. Also TWS like AKG N400.


The AKG K141 was the first real pair of headphones that I bought with my long saved up pocket money during high school, sometime in the mid 90’s.

I had a pair of K371s for a while, they were decent enough.

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My 40 years old Sextett. Eat your heart out, Hifiman (and Focal). :grinning: