Bang & Olufsen - Official Thread

Was wondering if there were any other fans in this thread who were interested in their products.

Not many places on the web where I can discuss these products.

Feel free to discuss any other topic or product from Bang & Olufsen in this thread !


I used to be a big fan of B&O for their originality and functional elegance. For example, back in the day they sold glass-faced CD players that showed the disc without opening the lid. They pushed hard for products that fit into a living space rather than dominated it (opposite of the geeky audiophile stack with huge speakers). They’d even have high-end Apple flat-screen computers in their stores in an obvious appeal to well-off style-focused customers.

Then in the 1990s and 2000s the Apple (and B&O and Bose) minimal style went mainstream, and B&O has had a harder time standing out. Their current products seem to be more and more about style and artistry. Given their prices, I think interest is self-limiting to the niche who will pay for functional sculptures. There’s just a lot more competition for both performance and style today.

I agree with you,

but where some people buy bang & olufsen for style I buy it for build & sound.

I own the H9i, its built better than all of the other noise cancelling headsets around and at the same time it sounds premium.

I literally had to get 10 replacements of my QC35II before I returned them for good, melted plastic, scratches, bubbles, melted leather, bad firmwares, all of this and more.

Sony has a bunch of cracking issues on their WH1000xM2

I just say this to say even though B&O seems somewhat self absorbed into design I still truly think they have excellent sound and build as far as the headphones go, not sure about their speaker line.

I also doubt many can deny the iconic H6 right? or no lol

I also used to be a fan of B&O back in the day. Very cool record players with tangential arms. I bought some B&O IEMs at an airport a few years ago, and they were very good. Until the day I ran up the stairs carrying them, and the cord caught on the railing… That cord always looked a bit delicate, and the tug they got was not.

We went through this period of 2 weeks earlier this year where we demo’d a bunch of wireless ANC headphones and ended up keeping the B&O H9. I thought it was a good mix of style, function, sound, comfort and build quality. I don’t think it was the best sounding of the the popular ANC headphones nor the remotely close to the cancelling capability of the Sony or Bose flagships, but it was enough to make us happy.