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Yeah, some of these are my loot from Reitaisai 18: 第十八回博麗神社例大祭(静岡開催)
Next one would be M3-45: カタログ販売 | M3 - 音系・メディアミックス同人即売会

This gonna be hell for my wallet. I should start documenting my collection


New CD :3

Suzuya is probably one of the rare ones in the Japanese Doujin Scene, considering his work consists of Chinese Instrumental music. And they are really good one too, I have been planning to get this CD around last year but forgot to actually buy it until now. He does uploaded some of the album content on Soundcloud but buy the CD trust me. Since all of those on SC isn’t that well mastered at all, even listening to the full song and comparing em to the XFD (Crossfade) has a significant difference.


So Im a big fan of Konosuba and just thought Id throw it out there that the creator of it has a new anime that just started airing, at least on Funimation. Combatants Will Be Dispatched. Havent had a chance to check it out yet but will do so soon.

Anyone else have spring 2021 anime suggestions that they are considering watching?

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Yeah I’m a fan too…will check it out once more episodes are available.

There’s a lot that look pretty good honestly but only time will tell if they actually are…I usually wait for at least 3 episodes before I start watching unless it’s something big getting an adaptation (I wish there were more seasons for grand blue…sigh). Btw, AoT manga is finally over! It’s been a long ride…also, well I won’t spoil it ha!

86 caught my attention…well it should cause aniplex is behind it and music is by sawano and yamamoto. Megalobox 2 (dope ost from 1st season), marimashita 2 (manga is surprisingly great), tokyo revengers (heard it was good), mashiro no oto (looks similar to kono oto tomare which I’ve found to be one of the best hidden gems out there…manga is definitely part of my top 5), odd taxi (looks oddly chilling and interesting), fruits basket final season (if you read the manga you know what I’m talking about), higehiro (manga is pretty good and story gets pretty deep).

Also, found this link on reddit and thought it might serve as a nice guide…

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I enjoyed the first season as well. Don’t know much about S2 other than it exists.

Ive watched part of S1 but havent fully gotten in to it.

I saw the trailer a few days ago and it might be very good or tedious. I will probably try it as it sounds interesting. Hopefully it doesnt get too wrapped up in itself. Death Note did that for me and it pissed me off.

Already have that in my watchlist

Not aware of this one. Will find it. Just looked at some info and, yeah, that could be good. Looks like a slow burn WTF anime.

Watched the first episode. I was hesitant about watching it as I was worried about it having maybe too much fan service or being a bit creepy but I am not getting that vibe early on. I will follow it for a few more episodes, I enjoyed what i have seen so far. I can see it developing into something really good. This one has me most interested so far.

Ive started the manga, forgot just how quickly the story moves along. Im trying to avoid spoilers but think I may have found something out completely by accident. Really easy to get things spoiled if you watch any kind of YT vid or use social media where anyone is an anime fan.

I’ll check out the subreddit, thanks.

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Cool graphic from Reddit. Easier to follow than a sub. Thanks…

Demon Slayer movie! Wonder if theatres or streaming service. Think Funimation has dibs to it. Hopefully it won’t be some stupid thing where they only have it up for a weekend. I’ve been waiting a while for it.

Yeah, no prob…start of the new anime season can get overwhelming especially since there have been a ton of delays. My only complaint with the graphic is that nobody seems to like to include Hulu. I think Hulu is the most underrated service for anime…they have a LOT of anime on there.

Should be theatres…no way that “big” of a movie will be readily available for streaming…but I could be wrong. I already have the blu-ray added to my cart…will be released on June. Oddly enough I’m not a big fan of the Demon Slayer anime. I thought the pacing was a little too slow and the animation weird at times with the exception of ep19 of course (that one was pretty epic).

Which reminds me…they did stream the made in abyss movie. I think it’s still available, let me post the link (they said it’s only available for like 2 months but that was last year). I don’t know if you’ve watched the main series but I highly recommend it! Bondrewd is probably one of the best antagonists.

Anyone here fans of Etsuko Yakushimaru? She’s got a bit of a unique voice puts out some pretty interesting songs. Here’s a pretty cool one: a 3D music video from her ending song of High School Girl 2.


I know what you’re saying re Demon Slayer. They would generate this absolutely gorgeous scene and then punctuate it with some overly cartoonish action or reaction. Episode 19 was awesome. So awesome that you could just go up to any anime fan and say episode 19 and they will know what you are referring to. I watched just for the glimpses of greatness and that was enough. Its pretty typical Shonen but sometimes blasts through.

That was one of the most immersive shows I have seen in a long time. The sound track by Penkin is one of the best I’ve heard. I havent watched the movie, Im worried it will be emotionally devastating as I havent recovered from Your Lie in April and I watched that months ago - Im a softie.

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The ost in the movie is :ok_hand: as well…its got a more “epic” approach to it and is less “experimental.” I hear you, and it does.

Never heard of her but I found the music video to be pretty cool and interesting! Thanks for the share @Fc-Construct


It was a really nice Orchestral set ngl, try the full album.

Yeah, I did. It’s 2 discs right? Or am I missing something?

Yeah it is.
On another note while I am checking the M3 submission this 25/4. This immediately got my ears.

Holy hell, this collab is literal heaven, and there is even a full song of the first and last track

I am really digging the last track, and the whole album is really catchy. And look at the views, why does it only have several hundred??? This is potentially one of the most underrated release this event around. There is no way that I won’t check out this circle to buy the physical version this M3.