Announcing the *new* HEADPHONE Community Preview Program

Super excited to audition some of this gear once I meet the qualifications.

Just wanted to ask a couple of questions. I know some of the earlier comments mentioned auditioning multiple pieces of gear at the same time. Is this still possible, say something like the Grace SDAC along with the Liquid Carbon X. Also even though I won’t be qualified to audition anything in Tier 2 for a while, I was curious how the qualification for “Owns a discrete source and amp or comparable DAC/amp appropriate for the gear of interest.” was determined.

Thanks for setting up this program it’s super awesome, I’m pretty new but I’ve been poking around the forums for a couple days and the entire community is great.


Yes, that’s possible.

Generally it’s a simple verification that what you want to audition is a suitable technical match for the gear you have.

For example, if you have a Topping DX7S as your only DAC/amp then it’s not suitable for lower impedance dynamic headphones (e.g. Focal models) due to its excessively high output impedance (will significantly shift their frequency response). Though it’d be fine with most planar headphones or higher impedance dynamic cans (e.g most Sennheiser models).

Similarly, if you were wanting to audition an LCD-4 or Abyss then that wouldn’t be appropriate with a DragonFly or PC sound card driving it as they lack the power to drive them properly.


Welcome, Steven. As far as I know, it’s possible to request two pieces of gear. This ensures that, if you meet the requirements, then one of them may get to you, after the other person is done with the other one. Likewise, if you have a discrete source (I tend to have discreet ones) and amp, or comparable DAC/AMP, they you have some redundancy.
In order to clarify, I would repeat this, but I think my transmission is missing a gear of interest (Probably 3rd, and the clutch plate is spinning).

As I post this, I see @Torq is responding, probably saying much the same thing. If this is not clear, just keep reading over and over. After you are done laughing, say hello in the tell us about yourself section. Anyone exiting from this forum will be asked to leave.

Now you see why they sacked me at the Ministry of Silly Walks


Welcome Steven . :sunglasses:


Absolutely Hilarious . headphones%20(1)%20(1)


Hello and welcome @Steven_Fisher.


I like this program but i have to admit that I’m intimated describing gear and my thoughts. Some forums (not this one) like to make you feel incompetent or incorrect with what you hear. That being said i have lots of great gear and am always a student of the audio world. So much interesting new gear to hear.


I was the same way and still am to some extent. No matter what gear we try, we will always hear it differently as others. " Trust you Ears " After more than 50 years in this insane hobby I still express my impressions as in my own language. I’ve never quite got the swing of the audiophile jargon. Who cares what others think? Have fun and share your experience in your own way.

This is a very thoughtful and kind forum here. I know the other forums you speak of. I can’t remember any flaming here. We run a tight ship and we are " Proud " to be the best headphone forum.



@Carmantom i totally agree with everything you mentioned. This is a great forum, people here are very welcoming and helpful.


Agree with everything you’ve said. I find it intimidating on other forums sometimes. You can often get flamed for giving your opinion even in the most delicate of ways.


Only you can hear with your ears. Anyone who thinks they know more about what you hear than you either has issues or is your treating clinical audiologist.



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Just posted my impressions of the Massdrop X Koss ESP/95x here Massdrop "x" & Drop (Audiophile). Can’t wait to try out some of the headphones in this program.


Just do it and you will get confidence in your writing. I am also working on that way.

The joy I take onto this hobby is that I would praise or dismiss any Headphones/IEM that I like/dislike, hence I do reviews.

Sad that I am Asian so no way for me to get into the review program even if I have enough requirement for it.


I don’t think race has anything to do with getting into the preview program…

I’m going to assume you meant I’m in Asia? Because that would affect participation in the program.

Maybe if this forum and gets big enough it will eventually be

Edit: I’m still deciding on which one is @andrew and which one is @taronlissimore

:rofl:. Right now leaning towards Will as Andrew and John is Taron… *This in no way is a reflection of them in the real world. I just thought it was funny :laughing:…or is it a reflection…we may never know…


I should clarify that I am not in America or Canada.

And there is less chance of the program actually avaliable in Vietnam (As I am a Vietnamese). Maybe South East Asia would be sufficient, but I am not really positive about it happening soon.


Funny, before reading your take I thought I was Will and John was Taron too. I think you’re on to something.


How long are you allowed to keep an item, assuming no one else is in line for it?

I believe I have met the requirements for Tier 1 can someone confirm for me? Here are some impressions of several items does this qualify?

One thing I would love to do is check out some different gear in 2020! Thank you!


I’ll shoot you a PM.