Anyone got some good recommendations on RCA cables for the Bifrost 2 and Lyr 3?

How does it do it? Screw clamping the “jaws” of the RCA or?

My biggest gripe with RCA is the lack of retention. 1/4 jack and especially XLR lock positively in place.

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Like this:

1.5 Foot – Audiophile High-Definition Audio Interconnect Cable Pair Custom Made by WORLDS BEST CABLES – Using Mogami 2497 Wire and Eminence Gold Locking RCA Connectors

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Yep. This:

There’s always a catch though. See here.

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This is extreme overkill! RCA jacks above the very lowest grade generally stay in place just fine. Given the billions of RCA devices and cables in use worldwide, there are surely out-of-spec variations in jack and socket diameter.

Note that using a screw-in connector is setting oneself up for major destruction with an accidental cable yank. Consider that the old Xbox used breakaway cables for its wired controllers.

A cable is not a rope, else it would be called rope :wink:

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Locking jacks and XLR are not uncommon in professional gear. And when a the connector is screwed into the panels of a device properly, the cable will be the weakest link.

I know RCA jacks like the Neutrik NF2DB-series are not common, they are fine with a jank every now and then though.

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This is an issue you don’t have to worry about with Canare RCA plugs. They have an internal spring clip attachment. Push the connector on till it stops push just a little harder and it snaps home. When you pull it off it releases smoothly without worry of pulling the jack apart.