Anyone got some good recommendations on RCA cables for the Bifrost 2 and Lyr 3?

My price range is: $50

Located in the USA. Thanks!

What wrong with the PYST cables for $20 from Schiit…I use them all the time…


I am a bit of a Cordial fanboy, so CFU 0,6 CC

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Out of stock apparently. The only option in their site at the moment is an A-B cable. Otherwise I would order asap

For that vintage sound…


I have several sets of these, also great low cap cables good value and price very well made.

The Cable: Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Low Capacitance Audio Cable

The most important attributes of a line-level unbalanced audio cable are (1) shielding, and (2) capacitance. Heavy shielding protects audio signals from interference from outside sources. LC-1 Audio Cable uses a heavy double-braid shield, with one bare copper braid laid directly over another for extreme high coverage and high conductivity to ground; this is the identical shield configuration to Canare LV-77S, which tested best in our review of audio cable hum rejection characteristics (LC-1 hadn’t been designed yet so wasn’t tested at that time). By shrinking the center conductor to 25 AWG and foaming the polyethylene dielectric, we were able to get capacitance down to an extremely low 12.2 pF/ft, much better than LV-77S at 21 pF/ft. Capacitance can be important, particularly in long cable runs, because it contributes to rolloff of higher frequencies. The softer dielectric material and smaller center conductor, meanwhile, make the cable highly flexible and easy to route. LC-1 is built exclusively for Blue Jeans Cable by Belden, the leader in American communications cable, and is rated CM for in-wall installation in residential and commercial environments. For more information and specs on LC-1, read our “LC-1 Design Notes” article.


2nd Blue Jeans Cable, the very best no voodoo audio crap just custom made studio grade cables that don’t break the bank. My entire system is connected with BJC.

3 Likes has 6" RCA patch cables for $30.
BF2 and Lyr3 is what I’m running too. Great combo!

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Ooooo can you compare the Lyr 3 to the CTH? I ordered the Lyr Monday morning. Thanks for the recommendations.

Blue Jeans are the best bang for the buck made with good materials and nicely fabricated. I really like their speaker cable. I use StraightWire Symphony IIC IC’s which is what the Pysts are I believe, the second cheapest in the StraightWire lineup (or maybe it’s the bargain basement Music Cable IIC Schiit uses). And you can get 18" which shouldn’t leave too much excess wiring.


I like Mogami cables. They’re found in use throughout studios around the world. I also like Kimber, but those can get pretty pricey.

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I know it probably does not meet your requirement, but don’t overlook World’s Best Cables. Different sizes and flavors (and colors too).



Big fan of Worlds Best Cables as well. As much as i love the build quality of Blue Jeans Cables, i find their rca interconnects a bit stiff, and more difficult to thread through my layout. WBC are more pliable and easier to use, from my experience. Both sound great.


i dont think they sound at all…


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Another thumbs-up for Worlds Best Cables. They are well-constructed and fairly priced.


The Cardas RCA plug is the very best.

I prefer the Neutrik NYS373-0

3 years going good performance from the monoprice monolith rca cables

Also a fan of the Worlds best cables, 2 years with them never an issue.

These are price appropriate for the equipment mentioned.

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Yep, that one too. They have different tiers. Bought this one last month (6 ft). Cable is very stirdy with a locking RCA mechanism*.

It is certainly not for a Modi/Magni combo, but for something bigger (or more robust), absolutely. The only thing is that cables tend to be longer.

* I almost returned/destroyed the cable before finding that out. :smile:

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