Audeze Mobius Planar Magnetic Wireless Gaming Headphone - Official Thread


Yeah, they have been really good. When I get home today I’ll be putting all my information together for them so I can send it in for repair or replacement.

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Ok, so they couldn’t fix my Mobius, but, they sent me a brand new one! The customer support was very good, and bonus the new box design for the packaging is dope! lol! So I’m back on the Mobius bandwagon for PC gaming!


Great to hear!

I am hoping Audeze lifts the restriction on Black (Carbon) Mobius as an Amazon exclusive so I can get my hands a pair on that. While I like the blue, a pair that is a little more subtle would definitely be to my liking.


What!!! Now I need to search for this mythical beast…

Edit: Holy mother of cheesy goodness… that is a good looking Mobius!! damn it… “copper is fine Tyler, you don’t need a sexy carbon black pair…”


Haha , it’s like I said in my initial impressions, if the Mobius was released in a black / more subtle colour they would take off just for the wireless listening alone. Looks like they listened to my advice!

I would still have to see it in person to see what it looks like and make sure the grey isn’t too light but they do look pretty good in the photos!


Yes, I would need to see it in person…thank you…I needed a reason to not get this for a color swap lol!

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I don’t remember if this was posted already but Hyper X is licensing Audeze/Mobius and releasing dumbed down verisons of these headsets.

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Really…hmm that is interesting


Ya they are a strictly wired version. No wireless. Still being worked on though so probably looking at an early summer release. Although since this is audio and release dates are never met, maybe after the summer.

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Yea. I hope they make a wireless version without the 3D stuff in the form of a Sine.


New pads for the Mobius available now!


You going to grab a pair? I’m always interested in ear pads with “comfort technology.”


I already ordered a pair, :grin:! I’ll add my thoughts on them when they arrive. Hopefully they are good, because the Mobius does get a lil warm during longer sessions.


Definitely agree with you there. Especially with summer just around the corner. I’ve been getting caught up in some fairly long Apex Legends sessions lately and they definitely get noticeably warm after a while. Or when you use them wirelessly while outside.


Are you playing on PS4/Xbox or PC, curious how you’ve been getting along with the Mobius on console? I’ve been using it exclusive on PC

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Playing mostly on Xbox one. PS4 has been reserved for RPGs (or GoW and Spiderman). It’s been great with the Xbox. Performs much better than the pair of Sennheiser Game Zeros I used to use and is quite a bit more comfortable than them as well. Of course you don’t get all the benefits of the Mobius with console gaming but even without the head-tracking and full 7.1 they still perform fantastic.

As an aside, I did some FPS gaming with the Cascade on console and I gotta say that it was a ton of fun.


I’ll have to take my Cascades downstairs and hook them up.

Audeze sent me an extra pair of standard pads on accident, but caught the mistake and are sending me the new pads also, so free extra pair of pads.

We should jump on some Xbox games sometime :wink:

I’m currently going through the latest Tomb Raider on Xbox.

Brain broken, I need sleep, I’m ramblin


They are cold on the head…odd feeling, but they are cool feeling. They have a “jelly” like squishy feel on the head, I think the og pads are slightly more comfortable…but the cool to the touch is nice. I’ll leave these on for awhile… maybe these will be summer pads lol


Hi, I’m interested in contrasting the features and experience of “3D” headphones, particularly with respect to voice. I have the Creative Super X-FI Air, but not the Mobius.

Have any of you used the Mobius on a phone call, in 3D mode? VoIP/Messenger call?
What was the experience like? What was the behavior?
For example, the Creative Super X-FI Air will make the voice sound “out there” in the room in 3D, and you can pan the voice so it comes from your left or right (good if you’re walking down the street), or from out in front of you.
What happens with Mobius?

The Super X-FI try to get accurate by approximating your HRTF from a picture of your ears and face, and by letting you choose a hp profile (if you’re using the amp). I can’t say how well it works because I don’t have a mobius to compare it to. But i like it.
Does the mobius let you choose a head profile?

What are the other 3D headphones of note, particularly with head-tracking? (Super X-FI has no head tracking)
The new Dolby Atmos hps do head tracking but not sure if they have mics.