Bakoon AMP-13R / Enleum AMP-23R Discussion

…it generally is and should not be taken lightly xD

What level do you set the volume on the ENLEUM when using. Chord Dave. I have mine set at 1 o’clock and adjust the volume on the Dave with good results so far. Any suggestions for best SQ??

Why not set the Dave to 100% and then control the volume with the Enleum? That’s the rule of thumb unless there’s a specific scenario that pushes you to alternative options

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So the Enleum actually performs best with a lower than usual input signal.
I’d recommend setting the DAVE to about -15dB and giving that a go

I have a 13R and I set my dave to the -3 setting and then control volume thru the amp which uusally ends up around 30 but then I am listening to power hungry HP’s like the susvara and abyss 1266 TC

What’s the verdict on the AMP-13R vs AMP-23R sound-wise?
Does the Bakoon have the same lower mid thickness that gets in the way of total clarity?

Speaking of, I found that using the DAC-21 via SATRI did not exhibit that thickness and sounds fantastic. A better pairing than my Wavedream XLR Edition, which is a first.
The DAC-21 is a great DAC in its own right, but it’s never been able to quite match the Wavedream with any other amp, until now.

I’m in a weird situation at the moment (first world problem, to be sure):
I bought the AMP-23R hoping it would replace both the Ferrum Oor + Hypsos (for Susvara) and the ECP T4 (for dynamics: JAR660S & Atrium). If it failed meeting both conditions, I would just sell it.
With the Wavedream, the AMP-23R is not up to the challenge. The R2R richness is too much with the lower mid thickness of the Enleum and brings unwanted muddiness.
With the DAC-21, however, the case could be made for the Enleum replacing the Oor for Susvara.
I’m still not quite sure about the WD + T4 for dynamics, though. It’s very close overall, but I came into this thinking I would sell the Enleum if it didn’t work out, I would never imagine selling the Wavedream, ever.

Decisions, decisions.


I have only heard the 13r as I own it and have found it to be a wonderful amp with none of issues spoken of here


You are the first I hear that didn’t like the Wavedream Enleum pairing.
I own a Wavedream Balanced Edition and had the Enleum in the past and enjoyed it with the Susvara much more than the Ferrum before it.
The 23r definitely has more emphasis in the mids and warmth but I don’t think it misses on clarity. One can argue it smoothes textures (I agree) but I wouldn’t consider that a clarity issue.
What filter are you using with your Wavedream? what source do you have feeding it?


I’m using the linear filter, dithering on and local clock.
Currently feeding I2S from Pi2 Mercury v1. I have an Holo Red on order which may or may not improve anything.

Also, everything runs off of a Furman P2400-IT balanced isolation transformer, so I have very clean power.

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Goldensound’s YouTube of the Enleum 23R saved my wallet some unnecessary future expenses… will check out Ferrum Oor / WA33 for that warmer sound.

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I’ve had both the 23R and the Ferrum Oor stack here and ended up selling them both; I just prefer a tube sound. WA33 is a bit over my head, but I’m very happy with my Eddie Current Studio B with WE tubes, and I’m expecting delivery on a Donald North Audio Stratus in the next week or so. But I thought both the 23R and Oor stack were impressive as SS headphone amps.


That’s not the Wa33.
It’s extremely dry, most people expecting a lot of midrange warmth, would be surprised and disappointed.
The nature of balanced tube amps is that the architecture removes much of what people who’ve only experienced entry level tube amps associate with tubes.
It’s a very technical amp, there is some midrange warmth, but to put it in perspective it’s less than some SS amps.


High-end tube amps often converge on a clean, technical, and spacious sound. Some stereotypically ‘tubey’ amps from cheap to expensive add lots of thick harmonic distortion (or a smeary mess) and are much harder to deal with than an average SS amp.

I would guess that like most tube amps, it’s highly dependent on the tubes involved. The amp would not sound the same with JJ or Gold Lion tubes as it would with Western Electrics… Sometimes a tube upgrade will make as much of a difference as a model upgrade (if there was one).

It’s still pretty dry. When I swapped out the rectifier for a number of different flavors, it was still pretty dry. And I feel the rectifier swap does a decent amount.


This is a bit of a misnomer as well, while you can tweak amps with tubes, better designed amps tend to change less. I am all for optimizing an amp with the right tubes, but realistically you don’t change a balanced, fundamentally dry amp like the WA33 into an ooey gooey tube amp. It’s just not what it is.

The nature of Push/Pull (Balanced tube circuits) is they largely cancel out the harmonic distortion that people tend to associate with the big full bodied wet sound of most entry level tube amps.

The Gold Lions it ships with are bass forwards, and come across a bit richer than say PSVane Acme’s, you can improve incisiveness or relax it a bit with the right rectifier, but regardless of tubes it’ll still for the most part sound like a WA33.
My Pacific DAC for example can take a whole slew of very different tubes and even with that it still sounds like a Pacific with any of them.

The WA33 is fundamentally a very dry, technically accomplished amp with a big expansive stage and some of the other aspects of presentation I associate with DHT’s.


I wouldn’t look to either of those for a warmer sound.
They’re both great but more toward neutral than warm. WA33 surprisingly so for a tube amp.

The WA23 was quite a bit warmer and more ‘stereotypically tubey’ (in a good way imo) than the WA33 so that might suit better.

For solid state amps, stuff like the iFi iCAN Pro, Burson, Violectric, or if wanting to spend less the SMSL VMV A1 might be better options.

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what cans are you looking to run? Like @Polygonhell said, WA33 isnt a warm sound even in the slightest (its extraordinarily technical, but quite dry leaning). Honestly, WA23 would be a much better move if you are after some tube sound.

WA33 seems to change a fair bit less than others in terms of tonality IME.

much better put than I could have done. TBH, i am at the point where if tubes fundamentally change an amp I kinda dont trust the amp.

Just a note for @adeadcrab, ignore the IFI regardless of the power spec stated if you want to run sus. There are simply better options at the price for that can IMO.

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Have you heard the various versions of the WA33? I was wondering if there was a change in overall sound characteristic…

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I seem to have slightly misrepresented myself… In @GoldenSound’s WA33 video, he states that this amp is the perfect match for Abyss 1266 TC as the WA33 adds the slightest sweetness to the midrange, complementing the cold signature of the 1266 like no other.

What I meant is this:

To my mind that is an amp tilting towards warm, yes the Ferrum Orr, Violectric V550, GSX-Mini, and indeed other tube amps would be considerably warmer but to me I classified this pairing of WA33 and Abyss 1266 as ‘flavouring’ the sound; even though I imagine many stating ‘no, no, not at all. get your facts straight adeadcrab!’

For amps like the WA33 I think the more apt adjective is ‘natural’ over warm; neutral but with only the mere suggestion, the slightest hint of warmth in tonality.