Best Guitar Amp Headphones

I have an elderly friend who is asking for advice on obtaining a headphone for his guitar amp. He would like to spend under $300. Also, it can be wireless or wired. I imagine a question like this has previously been posted, but I just couldn’t find it. Thus, if it is redundant, please accept my apologies.

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My 2c just buy something he finds comfortable.
It’s hard for me to recommend that, because it’s quite personal, not that I’m suggesting the Sennheiser, but I for example hate the comfort of the Sennheiser 600 style headphones, but others swear by them.

The other question is does he need isolation, i.e. does the headphone have to be closed back.
Usual suspects of Beyers, Sennheiser 5xx/6xx, AKG 7xx would all work fine.


If this is for noisy live performances – look for in-ear monitors (IEMs) or closed headphones to block external sounds. If playing alone in a quiet room – either open or closed headphones will be fine and open ones tend to sound better.

Be aware that common guitar amps usually don’t produce a wireless signal, so check the amp first or expect to buy an external Bluetooth broadcast device. Relatively modern guitar amps may have integrated Bluetooth, but none of the classic/pro amps from Fender or Marshall do. As elderly, he may have vintage guitar equipment.

I personally focus on conventional quality headphones such as the Sennheiser 500 family and 600 family. I keep a Sennheiser HD-58X (from; around $150) near my own guitar amp. The 500 family works well with the basic headphone potential of many guitar amps, while the 600 family may not sound any better without a special headphone amplifier.


There was a time I was more into amp sims (e.g.: BIAS, Guitar Rig, etc…) and/or plugging a headphone straight into a JOYO BanTamp Bluejay I had, and the only headphone that did not get me fatigued (and/or with headache) due the crunched Telecaster bite was the HD-58X from Drop.

Others I tried included the HD600, HD650 and HD800S. With these ones it was simply impossible to use the bridge pickup. Too harsh to my ears.

The HD-58X has an elevated midbass which sounded great to use the neck pickup when playing clean riffs. Bass was always there while sounding natural. And it’s on the cheap.

Note my answer above only applies for bedroom playing. Hope that helps.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 … they have a model that is wireless also… very well built and sounds pretty nice for the price…

I appreciate the information.

The purpose of the headphones would be for in-home use. It doesn’t matter if they’re open or closed.

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I’d go with a senn 6XX/650

If he wanted to listen to music as well, he could pick up an affordable amp/dac and enjoy the headphones with both.

As some who play Guitar, first you want a Closed Back Headphone, you also need to be careful of how much power a headphone needs since a lot of pedal based amps have hard time driving a some of headphones mentioned above with enough volume. I tried the 6xx and AKG712 on Strymon Iridium, and few other solution. I have Two notes Torpedo X and UA OX as well which I use headphone on once in while of my Two Rock Classic reverb (OX), and Benson Earhart(Torpedo). Also used to tame a JTM45 and JMP100 watt stack with OX. What I found It is not fun playing with cord attached to you head.

Look at the headphone that are ok being driven by the equivalent of iPAD Audio jack that are closed back.

If he want a more immersive experience while practicing have him try Boss Waza-Air Wireless Guitar Headphone Amp, these are very good for practice and do not have cable attached to you, It give you very good playing experience. it only 399.

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I’d second these, they are out of the price range, but remove the need for an amp.
I use mine a lot, but I do wish the earcups were bigger.

that is one thing I wish they would fix is larger ear cups.

When I do use headphone on one of these device it the Focal Stelia way out of the budget of your friend, it just because it my best closed back that does not need a lot power to drive it. But you need long headphone cable. It also my favorite headphone when I do not want to carry a DAC/AMP to drive of MacBook Pro, or IPAD, or even Lighting Audio Jack Dongle/DAC for iPhone.

I have a BOSS wireless headset with wireless Transceiver aka Boss Waza-Air Wireless Guitar Headphone Amp

I’ve bought it summer of last year and I never actually never used it because of health issues and I had other things come up. I can see if I can find the orig box and make sure it has the accessories. I stored it in a closet with a slew of recording equipment. At 48 with my arthritis and post Covid inflammation and pain issues I gave up on learning the guitar.

Retail was $500, but they go for $400 now. I’d make you great deal simply because it didn’t see any use other than initially setting up.

Let me know and I’ll create a ad for you.

If this response is not allowed or in the wrong place please accept my apologies!

I will check with the person who I’m helping out and if he’s interested, I will get in touch with you.

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