CanJam SoCal 2021

The first CanJam in 18 months will be held next weekend (Sept. 25-26) in southern California. Details here:

Ahead of it, there have been several high-profile new releases in the past few weeks. It would be great to read people’s impressions not only of the big releases - the new Raal Requisite circum-aural headphone, the LCD-5, the CRBN, the new Stax (if it’s there?), the DCA Stealth, the Meze Elite - but also of other products that may have attracted less attention.

We have quite a few locals who may be attending (and others traveling there from farther afield). Are any of you planning to go?


Not a local but I will be there!

So excited to try out everything new.


So jealous of everyone there!

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I’d love to be there, but I’m still wary of being in a closed public place putting things on my head that have been worn by others


I’m with you @Xgatt, I’ll be attending but being extremely careful. Fortunately - thanks to many of the folks here - I’m pretty much there with headphones (so I won’t be trying any on).

However, I’ll be bringing my headphones and looking for an upgrade for my Bottlehead Crack + Speedball - most likely something from Justin and @ampsandsound, really looking forward to meeting him and listening to his creations.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet some of you there too.


Glad you’re coming. I think we all are apprehensive but hopeful too. The mask mandate is going to be real as is vacation card checks as I understand it. I plan to bring whipes. Long story short I think headfi and all of us in general want to be super careful.

As an aside. I’m working hard this week to have a supprise to bring if possible.


I am local (Los Angeles). I will be there both days. Going to sample the heavy hitters on day one (LCD-5, CRBN, Stealth & Elite) so if I need a second listen to any of them I can do that on day two. I hope I don’t love any of these, so I can keep my money.

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This’ll be my first canjam so I was wondering, do vendors have products in stock to sell directly?

Yes some vendors will have products at the show. Others will allow you to place your order at the show and then ship direct to you on Monday.

We’ll have a mix of some product at the show as well as accepting orders for shipping as well.

Oh yeah, I should mention that will be at the show with plenty of flagship gear for listening along with both the 8/100 and 32/300 ohm Forge tube amps & some other surprised :wink:


Oh man, it’s going to be a really tempting day…

Where are you guys going to be at? Like what floor or room #? I don’t know how big the LA show really is so I’ll try to prioritize who I want to visit. It’ll be cool to meet the team.

Oh everything is done on one show floor with spaced apart booths. Sometimes the rooms next to the show floor get booked (usually by the E-stat crew) but with vendors pulling out in the last couple weeks, unsure if those extra rooms will be booked this year.

You should be able to listen to everything in one day although usually the Saturday is much busier than the Sunday so if you’re looking at the new releases (CRBN, LCD-5, Legend EVO, ELITE, Etc…) Sunday would probably be the best day to go for listening.

If you’re going to chat, Saturday is usually a better day since vendors have a lot more energy the first day of the show.


Figured we could give you all a sneak peak at what will be at our booth!

Haven’t listed everything but some of the heavy hitters are in there!


WTF. :exploding_head:


I am so jealous and sad as this was going to be my first show. But with COVID at Stage 5 here I am not even sure I would get out of the airport safe. To all my co-travelers have a great time and I envy you all.


Jude’s CanJam SoCal 2021 preview is live with an appearance of the / @ampsandsound Forge!


Is it too late to sigb up to go to Canjam? I live in SoCal and have always wanted to go. Thank you :blush:

Driving down from LA on Friday evening for both days. Totally forgot to use my forum name…image

You can usually buy a ticket at the door but check the website linked in the first post to be sure. They also have entry requirements re. vaccination or negative COVID test.

Canadian crew is now flying! See you all tomorrow for everyone coming to the show :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Have a great show, lots of fun, and stay safe!