Chord Mojo 2 Review & Measurements

I think @GoldenSound is the only one I can think of owning a Poly recently.

Thanks for running them with your SA6. Glad you love them!

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Poly has been excellent for me so far.

Using it with Roon around the house/office is fantastic, and in hotspot mode with BubbleUPNP for lossless playback it’s certainly much nicer than keeping it tethered.

The main downside is no LDAC bluetooth, would have been nice if that could have been added as it’s not always convenient to use hotspot mode.

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Poly with Roon is fantastic, but I can never get the same configuration working consistently with Everything Else mode. I use 8 Player Pro on iOS as recommended by Chord to play from SD card.
One day Bluetooth works, next it only works when tethered to my phone’s wifi hotspot, next time I need to put it to its own hotspot to get it working. Each reboot/use seems to randomly decide how it’ll work. I’m thinking of buying a cheap Android phone just to use with it, which is not as convenient as just using what I always have with me, my normal phone.
I’m tempted to buy Glider instead of 8 Player, but as Chord recommends 8 Player it’s a bit frustrating.

I’m not familiar with IOS options unfortunately.

Is BubbleUPNP available on IOS? That’s what I’ve been using on Android

Unfortunately, BubblePnP has yet to make it to iOS. It was implied, but not clear in my reply that the cheap Android phone would get me access to BubblePnP because it wasn’t on iOS. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

I don’t use the Poly this way very often so not a big issue, but I do need to remind myself that it’s an extra 10 mins each train ride or flight to get it going.

They are special little IEMs. They definitely punch above their weight class! (IMHO)

I don’t know if I can answer your specific question, but I find the Mojo 2 + Poly to be an amazing device. No shortage of enjoyment! Especially given its size and portability. I use it with the Meze Liric headphones with an upgraded copper cable. My around the house + travel system.


This thing has no business being this good :joy:

Merry Christmas!


Love my Mojo 2 paired with Sennheiser IE 900, although need to really play around with EQ!

Wonder if anyone has experience on how the ultra cheap iem’s sound with the Mojo 2?


Probably, pretty darn good. The Mojo 2 does an excellent job with all different types of gear, no matter their pricepoint (as pictured above with @Rhodey pairing the Susvara of all things with it).


Chord Mojo 2 DAC and Headphone Amplifier the best DAC under $1000?

Bullet points and thoughts:

-Phenomenal DAC for the price
-Best paired as a headphone amp with easy to medium to drive headphones, hard to drive cans better with Hugo 2 or TT2.
-Tone control implantation sounds great with HD800s or LCD-5 really nice to have.
-Works great as desktop DAC
-With Chord Poly phenomenal around the house listening
-see video for more thoughts

Areas of opportunity:
-Color coded buttons take getting used to
-No MQA like all chord DACs if that is important to you. (Personally I don’t like MQA)
-see video for more thoughts


Really solid review and device. I really enjoy mine with the poly. Makes it so convenient with Roon around the house. My most recent pairing has been the Diana V2. Man it’s a solid match IMO.


I have been an audiophile for many years but have never considered a headphone setup. I am looking at making a small investment initially in some closed back headphones and dac/amp to use in our new VW California. I am thinking of the now heavily reduced Focal Elegia at £400 and one of the Chord Mojo2, Ifi xdsd gryphon or Ifi idsd micro signature. Which would people recommend.


Welcome to the forum!

I personally would go mojo 2. I’m a little biased tho lol. You can also use it’s built in EQ (lossless dsp) if that’s your thing. And if you ever wanted to add streaming potential you could add the poly. Makes it cordless outside the headphones cable.
Imo it punches well above the price.

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Don’t listen to @Rhodey, he’s a Chord groupie. (kidding)

I haven’t listened to the Mojo 2, but I do own the iFi Gryphon, which I like a lot. If you think that you’re going to use Bluetooth to connect to your phone, then the Gryphon is good value, because you have to buy a Poly to add BT connectivity to the Mojo 2.

The Elegia is an excellent headphone, but when I bought one, I ended up returning it because it didn’t have enough bass for me. It’s probably good with string quartets and acoustic jazz, but I just didn’t like it for rock/indie music. I personally prefer the Celestee, but it’s probably a lot more than £400.


You’re posting in a Mojo 2 thread, so you’ll probably get responses that lean Mojo, but here we are. I personally think Chord’s DAC/amps are incredible value, and have always preferred them within whatever relevant price band to the competition. I own an original Mojo, and Hugo 2 myself.

I don’t have a ton of experience with ifi DACs, but generally think ifi makes products that are a great value as well, and do own other ifi gear - so nothing against them at all.

To give my usual, incredibly unhelpful advice: There is no right answer. The best thing you can do is to listen to both and pick the one you like. If you can’t do that, make a reasonably informed decision and just enjoy it. Neither option is bad, and no sense fretting about whether you would have liked the other 3% more. :slight_smile:


I was more inclined to go for the mojo 2 after watching this Chord Mojo 2 by Rob Watts - Canjam NYC 2022 Seminars - YouTube


I’m strongly considering buying the Mojo 2. What’s a decent 3.5mm to RCA adapter that I can use to connect to my RebelAmp? Also, what voltage should I be running the Mojo 2 at with the RebelAmp? Indigo color, around the 2V range?

Thanks in advance!

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You didn’t list your budget but I’ve used the Blue Jeans MSA-1 1/8" stereo to 2 RCA Cable in the past to connect a portable DAC 3.5mm out to the RCA in of my active monitors.

Blue Jeans is actually who I’ve purchased all of my RCA cables from: not sure how I didn’t notice they had the MSA-1. Thanks!

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