Christmas List

TLDR: An attempt to head off the terrible things that family passes out at Christmas based off of an “audiophile web site” gift guide list.

Please post your favorite musical discovery, accessory purchase, underrated gem or valuable tweak!

Let’s avoid the “susvara” wish list nonsense, and actually put together a list of nice stuff at stocking stuffer prices.

My first thought is a modular cable set from Hart Audio (no affiliation) or Dunu. Even if you regularly use higher end cables, a adapter set can come in handy when you want to try a new amp, or run a fast A/B comparison without investing in a specific cable.


I’ve picked up several 3.5mm extension cables from the KabelDirekt Pro Series on Amazon, 3’ length for those times when the cable that came with your Headphones is Just A Smidgen too short for comfort.

Inexpensive, well made, would be a good Stocking Stuffer.

Mark Gosdin


Graphite outer shell for Denon DL 103 cartridges made by Audiosilente.
It improves a classic MC cartridge reducing to zero resonances.


Some inexpensive items from my Amazon, though some aren’t necessarily “stocking stuffers” size…

…. Have to credit Zeos for this idea. Super handy, love this one.

This is one I saw somewhere on here and don’t remember where or who shared it. They used it for tube storage and it wasn’t this exact one…

…but I like the look of this one. I haven’t bought one myself yet, so I can’t verify what tubes or how well they fit in it but I like the idea.


The good 'ol Apple dongle

Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter


Based on a recommendation on the HifiGuides forum, I bought the KZ DQ6 (~$30 on Amazon) and did a filter swap with the Tanchjim Tanyas (~$25 on Amazon). The resulting IEM (the DQ6 with the Tanya filters) easily does battle with IEMs that cost hundreds of dollars, especially on rock tracks and stuff with a strong backbeat. Stock the DQ6 has stunning separation and imaging for something in its price bracket, but the treble is a little shouty and harsh. The new filters completely fixes the treble and results in something shockingly good for the price. It’s a V-shaped tuning and it’s not going to rival more expensive earphones for detail, speed, or clarity, but if you want something with slam and impact, fullness, separation, imaging, soundstage, and fun, these are a great choice.


@mfadio - yaxi pads.


Earbud, IEM, etc. cleaning putty


Oh, I found it…


awesome. I don’t even like tubes and I want it.

Is it possible to rebody a cartridge yourself, or do you need a shop to do it?

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It really depends on the cartridge.
With the Denon DL 103 series the body and the shell are simply glued (soft glue) so you can heat it with an hair dryer, cut the residue with a cutter and change the shell.
It takes some ability and patience but it is quite simple.
In 30 years at the shop I believe I did more than 500 Denon DL 103 and I’ve seen often some damaged but nothing irreparable.

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The 103 looks so interesting. Would it bre a good match on a vintage suspended table like an AR-XA or Thorens 160?

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Check the compatibility here:
You only need the weight of the arm and you’re done. DL 103 is 8.5 grams.
If you have doubts drop me a message.


since I’ve gone vinyl crazy, might as well add this:


This might be appropriate: