Favorite X-mas gift (doesn't have to be audio related)


So just a fun post, pick one of your X-mas gifts that you think is a fun share/favorite etc. I know this is an Audio forum, but I think we can accept non-audio related gifts along with Audio gifts in this :smile:

My most unique fun gift this year was from my Mom, she knit me a pair of gloves that are fingerless and are great for typing/mousing/gaming. They are comfy and warm and I am very grateful for them already (I opened them early and have been using them for a couple days). I’ll post a cellphone pic here:


Very nice. I still have the mohair jumper my gran knitted me for Christmas 34 years ago. Doesn’t fit me now though.


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It’s pretty much a common theme that I do not get audio-related gifts … at Christmas or any other time (unless I buy them myself). Instead, it tends to be “experiences” - can’t share pictures of those until they happen though.

So, for now …it’s hard choose between these two, particularly as my father-in-law was part of the group that worked on the first-stage of the Saturn V, and the Lego set was from him:


That’s really cool. Man I just turned down a “dream” job opportunity to work at a local rocket space company. Hopefully I don’t regret it.

Also, socks are always cool too. :slight_smile:

My fiancee’s mom made me a Washington Huskies scarf to wear for the Rose Bowl, so that was pretty cool. I like those personal-type items and am usually really bad at figuring out what to do for someone else.