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Ok doing this again but on my channel lol… this time it won’t disappear after I sign off lol… 1pm PST today the 16th of Feb! Looking forward to chatting with you in the live stream!


Playing a new game and chatting with the live chat on Twitch… right meow!

TheHeadphoneHangout - Twitch


going live with @taronlissimore and special surprise guest (might not be a big surprise) lol
starting at 730pm PST tonight the 19th of Feb!


Quick unbox video I threw together with iMovie (I don’t have any “real” video editing software that works with the files from my new camera, I’ll remedy that soon) iMovie was not fun to color correct with… or do any fun transitions or what have you… but, fun in making it work ha! anyhow here is the video! @SebastienChiu thanks for getting this out to me in prep for a community tour =)


Awesome stuff bro! Looking forward to more content as you and the community get more time with it!


going live tomorrow the 23rd at 1pm PST to talk about the Holo May


Ok, doing second stream today at 1130am PST today the 24th to talk about the Susvara! Hope to see you in the live chat!


You mentioned having some USB problems. I found this article about possible Ryzen USB issues. Don’t know your machine specs but thought I’d post this if it’s Ryzen based.

AMD looks into possible Ryzen/USB issues

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Thank you! I have a i7 10xxx series (can’t remember which right now) I think my issue is something to do with Windows and how it’s drivers handle power output… When I plug into the case USB ports I have zero issues… also it seems to be that the Atem Mini doesn’t like being on a powered USB extension as well…

If things work fine plugged into the case I would be more suspicious of the USB hub than Windows.

Mixing USB 2.0 with USB 3.0/3.1 can also cause all ports to revert to USB 2.0 speeds - it depends how good the usb implementation is. Some motherboards and hubs do the isolation and some don’t.


Hey friends! Would love to have you join me on 2/27/2021 at 1 pm PST live to discuss these two awesome pieces of kit!