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After dipping my toes a couple of years ago into the hifi rabbit hole, I have now decided to do the same into content creation. I will be focusing on tech, audio and gaming mostly.

It’s the community like this one here that has encouraged me to just hit record and see where it goes. Link to my channel is here for those that have the time to drop by. First vid is uber noober and simple but I gotta start somewhere. I am both excited and terrified :smile:


I wanted to share my CanJam Chicago experience with everyone on my YT Channel. Check it out if any of you have some time. I had a blast!!


LOL, I can see myself in one of your ZMF room photos, and you were sitting next to 2 of my friends. If I’d known, I would have walked over to say hello.

The ZMF room was the highlight of the show for me. The combination of the Atrium and a pre-production ZMF-Decware amp was absolutely amazing. And I had so many wonderful conversations with Zach, Bevin and all the ZMF staff.

It was a shame about your experience with the Susvara. For some reason, Hifiman didn’t bring an amp that could drive it. I tried it on the EF400 dac-amp that they were using to demo all their headphones, and had it on high gain and volume at 100%. It sounded very smooth but the amp was obviously not powerful enough. When returned on Sunday, I discovered that they’d made a deal with the Benchmark stand next door, to allow people to listen to a Susvara on a HPA4. This had enough power, and the sound really opened up. Headamp also had a Susvara on their GSX mk 2 amp.


Good to know! Yeah I didn’t want to diss on hifiman by any means, just an unfortunate experience. Especially since I love the Arya’s. Funny thing is the rep even told me how much more power they need as he was plugging them in… I swear when the volume dipped down I thought the Susvara was going to blow a fuse in the place ha!!

I really should have mingled more with the people there but with my 1 day trip I had to move along and with my wife as well… I didn’t want to overly bore her. Sorry I missed out meeting you though!

Oh…damn I missed out with the GSX mk2 with the Susvara. That would have been a treat. Awesome amp!


Thank you for sharing. My favorites parts are:

  1. Wife (what a cutie)
  2. HD800s vs HD820
  3. Meeting Zeos

Just finished your video - really enjoyed it man! Thanks for putting it together and sharing your impressions. I’m only about 90 min from Chicago, but I just had too much going on this past weekend to attend. With that said, I definitely got a taste of the show thanks to your video!

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Thank you guys, I appreciate the kind words. I’ll continue to evolve and do more things with my channel for sure. I can’t wait to go to my next CamJam now that I have a better idea of what to expect and try out!

Nice job on your video. Curious if Sennheiser discussed their business model moving forward. Kudos to your wife for attending. You’re a lucky guy…

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@skeeb23 great video! That’s a bummer about the Susvara. I went to CanJam NYC in February. If I remember correctly the Hifiman table had the Susvara paired with a Burson Conductor which was driving it well. Maybe someone forgot to pack it for the Chicago event!

This. I found out after from someone else that they didn’t have them powered sufficiently enough. I completely missed it, but they had them also setup at another station I believe with the GS-X Mk2 which was plenty of power. I’ll get a proper listen one day!
Thank you for the kind words!

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