David Lee Roth

In May, David Lee Roth recorded live studio recordings covering some of his older Van Halen songs. However, they were still debating whether or not to ever release them to the public. Well, they just dropped Panama on YouTube this weekend!

Check out old man Roth’s chops in 2022. Jump back, what’s that sound? What do you think, does this 67 year old rock star still have it?

No, he does not. If you heard his voice during the few shows of the ill-fated original VH reunion a few years back, you would know his voice is shot.

There are all sorts of studio tricks going on here to make him sound halfway decent. He’s toast.


No. I’ll take the original.


I don’t want to say it’s terrible because……well, there should be a stronger word to describe how much I don’t like this ! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Never want to be someone to “yuck” anyone’s “yum” but uhm…nope!

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Thanks for reminding me of that song; I need to get it into my playlist. I’m not a Van Halen fan by any means, but I sure do love ‘Panama’…

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I had a soft spot for Hot for Teacher. Such a funny song in my youth.

Never listen to artists after their prime. Includes the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Metallica, or the yelping little girl that Perry Ferrell of Jane’s Addiction has become.


Here is Panama performed live by David Lee Roth two years ago.

He seemed to struggle towards the end of the song. Also, his backup singers were picking up much of the slack.