Empire Ears HERO

The place to discuss the Empire Ears HERO!!! Will you be my Hero? :smirk: :sweat_smile: :rofl:


@Precogvision review of the Hero linked below!





But I will drink whiskey with you.


LOL… I couldn’t resist…


One of my all time favorite movies!


Will be interested to see what the community thinks about this…I find it bright enough that I am trying to find the right cable to attenuate the treble, but enjoy the rest of the signature, particularly in the context of the rest of my IEM collection.

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Bonnie Tyler Special Ltd. Edition. Coming soon…

(best. music. video. ever.)
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I think the Hero has a tough contender in the Nio. A couple hundred bucks more for similar bass quantity but module EQ.

Personally I didn’t find the Hero treble to be too harsh but my use case was mostly while transiting so frequencies do get lost.

Hero’s stock cable is definitely better than the Nio stock cable. No question there.


A couple of quick thoughts.

  1. After auditioning a bunch of Empire Ears IEMs at CanJam NYC this February, I was struck by three things: first, how great the EE representatives were; they genuinely went out of the way to be helpful and to select IEMs for me that might suit my sonic preferences; second, how busy they were, and how they attracted a loyal, devoted, and enthusiastic younger crowd (is it me or do IEM aficionados skew younger in terms of demographics?); and third, how diverse the tuning of the IEMs is - @Precogvision gets it exactly right when he writes about EE in the above-linked review that “you never know what they’ve got cooking.” There doesn’t seem to be a house sound, as there is with others like Campfire Audio. I wonder where the Hero sits in relation to its EE counterparts?

  2. The competition among high-end hybrid IEMs is getting interesting, given the number of comparably-priced offerings on the market now.

  • Moondrop Solis: 4BA/2EST, $1100
  • Empire Ears Hero: 1DD/3BA, $1349 (not to mention the Legend X and Valkyrie as other hybrids by EE)
  • Unique Melody MEST: 1DD/4BA/2EST/1 bone conduction, $1400
  • Campfire Audio Solaris (2020): 1DD/3BA, $1500
  • 64 Audio Nio: 1DD/7BA/1 tia driver, $1700
  • Sony IER-Z1R: 2DD/1BA, $1700

And it’s cool to see ThieAudio and UM, with the MEST Mini (3BA/1 bone, $600), release more affordable offerings such as the Clairvoyance (1DD/5BA/2EST, $700) and the Monarch (1DD/6BA/2EST, $730). Exciting times.


I found them to be way too bright and hard to listen to. Very shouty to my ears and sibilant. I also didn’t find the bass to be all that impactful. The Nio on the other hand is near perfection to me. Better bass, easy going treble and nicely placed mids. The APEX modules also release some of that bass pressure so I never get fatigued listening to them. And I find that the Nio physically sits better in my ear than the Hero did.