Etymotic ER4XR In-ear Monitors - Official Thread

According to NASA, that story is false. It was developed by an entrepreneur who did indeed spend $1 million in 1960s money, but turned it into a business that lasts until today.

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Yet another memory from the 1960’s dashed. It is a really good pen. The zero gravity thing was by pressing down in the tip you pumped ink into the ball.

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Which SpinFits do you like?

I got my ER4XR in a couple days ago after picking them up on an Adorama sale.

Initial Impressions: (after about 4 days)
Packaging is more elaborate than the ER2XR. I quite like the QC card showing the frequency response of each earphone. They come with a lot more tip options than the ER2XR, which is a big value add. The wire is also longer and feels a bit more premium than the one that comes with the ER2.

The sound is not as punchy as the ER2XR, but more full sounding than the ER2SE. I think it sits between those two tonally. That said, the ER4XR is vastly more detailed and resolving, at least in the treble.
It did take a bit of getting used to after listening to the ER2XR regularly, but after a half a day or so, it was quite enjoyable.

I found that the triple flange eartips are the only way for me to get a good seal. The dual flange tips fit more comfortably, but they just sound dull. I think the ER4XR’s low end needs all the help it can get.

As for the timbre, I see what people are talking about. The BA does sound different from the DD, but it’s not as big a difference as I thought it would be. If I didn’t know, I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Preliminary conclusion: I’m enjoying the ER4XR much more than I was expecting to, and for the Adorama sale price, I think it would be difficult to find something that competes when it comes to detail and resolving capability.

The ER2XR is still the better value, so I’d suggest picking those up if you haven’t tried an Etymotic IEM before, but if you like the ER2XR/SR fit and are looking for something with more detail, the ER4XR is a solid option.


Nice impressions @Panzer_Applehusky. I have owned the Etymotic ER4SE’s in the past and although I liked the sound it was the fit I couldn’t get on with.

I can totally understand that. I’m looking into similar performing IEM’s that don’t fit so deep to see which fit I’m more comfortable with. That said, the borderline violating nature of Etymotic’s fit is a much better proposition than a lot of IEM’s I’ve tried since they don’t make the outside of my ear sore. I remember trying the Shure SE425, and apart from them sounding terrible, the body of the IEM was way too big so it pressed into my outer ear making them very painful to wear.