Focal Stellia Closed-Back Headphones - Official Thread

I haven’t had issues with flaky usb since I leave it on or in standby. I love the Stellia and think the Arche delivers enough synergy for noticeable improvement.

I also bought my Arche for $900 second hand. I think buying Arche at $1500 or less is worth it, but definitely not at its original price.

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Oh my… you can DEFINITELY use that amazing combo. I’ve got my Stellia plugged into the Hugo 2 (using Roon + Tidal). I will be upgrading to the M-Scaler / TT2 in the future. Please leave impressions if you do go this route.


I’m currently listening to my Stellia with a TT2 and a ECP T4 amp… so awesome! really loving this combo right now… hopefully I can get a Mscaler in to try before buying soon(ish) ha!


Thoughts on Stellia vs ZMF Verite?

I assume you are indicating the Verite Closed in comparison to the Stellia which is also closed. Two different animals in my opinion. I have both the Stellia and the ZMF Verite Closed (VC) and I appreciate each for what it brings to the party. I purchased an aftermarket cable for the Stellia (Lavricables Master) and ordered the ZMF VC with their upgraded cable and listen with the Universe pads. So I think that they are relatively close in the way they are outfitted. I listen to the Stellia when I want really crisp clear solid bass reproduction. The VC have just the right balance of clarity and warmth for me, and is my favorite headphone for listening for hours on end.


Music aside, which one do you prefer for movies/tv? If you’ve tested it by chance…

Actually I was thinking of the open. There are some available nearby and I quite fancy getting them but I wondered how they would compare to the Stellia.

I was originally thinking of getting the Stellia and getting rid of my Elegia.

I then considered that perhaps I would prefer the Verite open and keep my Elegia.

That’s where I am at the moment and so I wondered how the Stellia compared to the Verite open, although I could upgrade the Elegia to the Stellia as well if it’s really worthwhile to do so, atlhough I seem to recall that they are more ‘semi-open’ than closed?


Sorry, I can’t help you there, as I only use these for music.

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@griff500, are you able to audition the Verites, since they’re nearby?

I have both the Stellia and the Verite, and would be happy if I was stuck on a desert island with either one.

I’ve only had the Verite for a few weeks, and also just got the Pendant amp, so I’ve spent the majority of my recent listening with that combination, playing with my new toys, and haven’t had a chance to compare them. They both have a slightly warm sound, and are both musical.

The Stellia is easy to drive (you could plug it straight into your phone or PC) whereas you’ll need some power to drive the Verite, so your choice may depend on your amp.

I think you’d be fine getting either one, but if it was me in your situation, I’d probably get the Verite, which would leave me with a great closed back (Elegia) and open back, and also so I can experience a different sound signature.

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Any genres that are good with one over the other? Or do you find that they’re both great all-rounders?

Thanks @PaisleyUnderground

Everything is in lockdown but I’ve ordered the Verite anyway.

They are running from a M-Scaler/TT2 combo.

If a good deal comes up on the Stellia then I might get them as an upgrade to the Elegia, otherwise I’ll just keep the Elegia as my closed back option, assuming I like the Verite of course!

I have both as well… I am inline with @tmarshl thoughts on them… I also play games and watch shows with them on occasion… I prefer the VC for gaming… but, will do both for shows… if that helps


Yes, it does! Though I am still torn between the two. You saying that both are good doesn’t help with the decision. haha

Do you prefer one over the other with specific genres? Or both are great and depends on your mood?

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That’s the way I see it. If I am sitting up and really paying attention to every detail of the music, then I reach for the Stellia. If I am lying back in my chair for hours, the Verite is my choice.


Do the stellia cups gather a lot of dust between the metal holes and leather? I think I heard it from one of the headphone show livestreams but not so sure.

I think they both work for all genres (with the caveat that I’m not a jazz fan).

Today, I put together a playlist of about 50 songs ranging from 60s R&B (Aretha, Diana Ross), 70s rock (Richard & Linda Thompson, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath), reggae (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh), post-punk (Gang Of Four, Bauhaus, Siouxsie & The Banshees), 80s synth pop (Visage, OMD), 90s alt rock (Pixies, Breeders, Throwing Muses, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead), current pop (Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa). I also threw in a little classical (Bach cello suites).

I listened to the playlist using the Stellia and Verite on both my Lyr 3 and Pendant.

Interestingly, I thought the Stellia was a little more enjoyable on the Lyr3. The Verite was very good, but there seemed to be some magic synergy going on between the Lyr 3 and the Stellia, judging from my non-scientific measurement of my foot tapping.

But when I switched to the Pendant, the tables were turned, and the Verite came alive. I’ve heard that the Verite sounds really good with tubes, and obviously the Pendant was designed to work well with ZMF headphones, but the Verite/Pendant combo is special.

The Stellia sounded very musical on both the Lyr3 and Pendant, and I’m guessing that you could enjoy it on pretty much any source. With the Pendant, when I put the Verite on, I forgot that I was meant to be comparing headphones because I was enjoying the music too much. I know that’s a cliche, but it’s true.


I prefer my VC 95% of the time lol… I just naturally grab it over my other headphones when using headphones


I haven’t noticed it in a year of having mine.

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Cool, thanks. That’s good to hear!

New Dekoni Stellia pads. Might be worth a try:

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