Focal Stellia Closed-Back Headphones - Official Thread

I purchased them, so I’ll report back.

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I did too :wink: hopefully they are winners

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I also ordered them. I don’t expect much, but let’s see :wink:


Looking forward to your impressions …

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well the Dekoni pads are stiffer but are designed exactly like the Stellia OG pads… I want to say it is a bit more closed in… feels ever so more energetic as well… lows seem a bit more punchy… I should look up the FR lol…mids seem a bit more forward as well

ok pulled the FR from Dekoni and yeah sounds more or less what I’m seeing in the FR ha!.. @Resolve is rubbing off on me too much… :wink:

What they look like on the Stellia


Hearing much more intimate sound. The music sounds closer and more closed off. It highs and detail are less apparent but the bass feels more present to me. These are a nice switch to the original pads and a good replacement so far.


I hear less bass, less mids (as seen in the graphs) and as a result of the 9khz peak, a bit clearer vocals. All in all a more U-shaped sound. Not my cup of tea.

:man_shrugging: I love the individuality of a human ear, three out of three and everyone hears their own thing.

Hip Hip Hurray, on the subject of video reviews.

It is always my hope that everyone will find their congenial “video partner” with whom they can orient themselves in terms of sound :four_leaf_clover:.


Just as a heads up the Dekoni FR graphs use their own normalization and aren’t 1:1 to something like what @Resolve puts out… but I’m not a measurements guy… I’m more looking at the general squiggles for an “idea” of how they differ than for accurate location on a graph… these are slightly dipped leading into the mids but then are more or less on par throughout the mid range with slight dips and rises over the original pads…

I can agree that these are a tad more V-shaped sound signature but not in the extreme for me. It will be interesting how these differ as they get worn in… as they are rather stiff compared to the OG pads.


As a long time music lover, a former live audio guy, and a budding audiophile I spent quite some time going through countless reviews, most notably Chrono and Resolve’s… and finally decided on the Stellia & Arche bundle. Unfortunately due to Covid and the current lockdown in Toronto Canada, auditioning headphone candidates was not an option for me… the decision was made purely on the many reviews and impressions of others.

My initial impressions are the build, aesthetics and sound are awesome. I decided on Closed Backed Headphones as I thought they’d block out the noise of my large family better, and conversely not subject my family to my tunes!

For decades my headphones have been standard pro-audio Sony MDR-7506 which for the money are hard to beat.

The Stellia’s however are a whole other level as you’d expect for that cost. I do find I need to use EQ’ng to brighten the high’s - obviously everyones hearing is slightly different and there is no doubt many years of loud PA’s may have effected my high frequency hearing.

Thanks to the community and the people who take time to post written/video reviews - the effort is appreciated!


Great setup, and a great album!



You will not be disappointed. Love this combination. Will be purchasing the Clear’s next month. I want a pair of open-back.


Verite Open are worthy of consideration. Stellia are awesome, even straight out of my Mac.

After having spent the last 3 months or so pretty much listening to my VC’s exclusively I revisited my Stellia and Arche combo last night and was reminded why I love that setup. The Stellia sounds great driven by pretty much everything but when coupled with the Arche it really takes them to another level in regards to musicality. I just sat and enjoyed the music for hours and instead of spending time track hopping and thinking how they sounded, I listened blissfully. After that experience I won’t be taking such an extended hiatus from the Stellia again any time in the near future.


I wonder what’s the merit of having both a VC and a Stellia. I would think that I only would stick to one of them, but maybe I’m wrong.

My top two most listened to headphones right now are VC and Stellia lol… love them both and they both do different things for me… VC is wider and punchier with that ZMF magic… Stellia is warmer and more intimate


100% agree with this statement, that holographic sensation with the VC, especially with the Pendant is pure magic. Both are absolutely outstanding and to my ears are widely different in their presentation. Very happy to have both and neither are leaving my den any time in the foreseeable future.

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@Chrono - I just wanted to say thanks for your great review and in particular for your parametric EQ settings.

I bought my Stellia about a year ago and had found it mostly great but sometimes a bit harsh/fatiguing in the upper-midrange or lower treble on some material.

A few weeks ago I set up an EQ profile in Roon using your settings ( the version in your EQ profile compilation, Chrono's EQ Profile Compilation ), and the fatigue factor is now completely gone, without losing any of the detail retrieval or other characteristics that make the Stellia so enjoyable.


Doing a live stream comparing Stellia to the Verite Closed


I am sorry to not have the time to watch the whole video (3 kids, you know, I am happy to have time to listen to a bit music in the evening). So can you please sum up the pros and cons and to which conclusion you came? I personally have found that the Stellia greatly benefits from an upgrade cable (in my case OCC pure silver). Anyways, looking forward to reading your thoughts.

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