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I haven’t bought a desk microphone yet so I added a ModMic 5 to my Ether C Flow for gaming. It’s comfortable for long sessions and the noise isolation is an added benefit for the environment I’m playing in.

Until recently (about 2 months ago), when I used a headset mic daily, I used a Sennheiser PC360, which held up very well for a decade of use. If I had to replace it, I would likely either go with another Sennheiser, or an Arctis Pro (which has amazing reviews as a gaming headset).

More recently, I’ve started only occasionally needing a mic, and last month, I bought a wireless Antlion ModMic to attach to the Sennheiser HD800’s I usually listen to music on. So far, it’s worked great, I keep it detached when I’m not using it, and the sticky ‘dot’ is quite small, and hasn’t affected the 800’s audio in any way while the dot is on and the mic detatched.


The problem is that there are two different versions of these headphones, one with a single magnet and one with two magnets, which is why the assessments are so different.

In terms of sound, Zeos may not even be that wrong.

What always puts me off with these Chinese products, especially with Linsoul, is the high number of defective products.

Since I’ve been ordering from Linsoul, I’ve had problems three times with broken in-ears or headphones that were delivered in this way.

Exchanging these is an incredibly laborious process, even if you order the goods via Amazon.

For this reason, I keep my fingers off products that are more expensive than € 200, as it can take months before the money is refunded.

In addition, there are often problems with customs due to incorrectly declared prices.
So every time I had to appear personally at the customs office to unpack the goods. I had to provide proof of purchase in order to show the real price, which was different every time, and I was supposed to pay significantly higher taxes.
Of course, there is an additional processing fee each time, which was charged additionally.

In the future i will keep my hands off all goods that are delivered directly from china.


I watched a few reviews on it, seems to be all around the same impression from people. The preorder on drop is the best price. $10 off “first” time order. Probably 590 out the door.

That magnet looks strange, I am far from a headphone expert being less than 6 months into quality headphones. Just maybe the angle I saw, but it looks different from HiFiman set up. Possibly why it’s easy to drive?

Waiting for the headphone show to post a review.

Damn it sucks he doesn’t know which one he got, that’s going to leave a big hole in the entire review. All the reviews I’ve seen has been the double. I would assume he got the double as well, but it’s currently unknown. He should reach out to Lin and make certain what he was sent

From what I understand, the double magnet versions of the GL2000 are the ones that have the gold accent lines running down the earcups.

It seems like Linsoul sent double-sided versions to certain popular reviewers who tend to hype things up, and single-sided versions to the more thorough/critical reviewers. Makes it quite hard to say it’s being overhyped when those lukewarm reviews happen to concern the lesser model… :slight_smile:

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Hmmm with that in mind obviously there has to be differences in both.

But I think the real question would be how do they stack up to the Ananda and Arya.

If it’s cheaper and performs better than the Ananda that’s good news. In addition if it falls barely under the Arya that would really push it much higher in ranks

Quality wise seems like both companies have had ups and downs. Not sure how gold planar fairs, they are a new company in comparison and yes they are Chinese. We get it

I mean we can compare to others, however seems like HiFiman/Audeze etc are the contenders. The price vs value/performance is going to be key.

Longevity will just be a test of time.

Really want to see when it becomes more available for everyone to get a good review in.

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I personally doubt that it will be that good of a value. We’ve seen this kind of stuff happen all too often. It almost never lives up to the “giant killer” hype.

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I can totally agree, that’s why I think the reasonable approach would be to verse the Ananda. Almost the same price, if it falls short of that it’s trash

The thing with headphones is the fact we have so many different variables. All of which need to be considered. Not trying to state the obvious, but it’s the only opportunity for this headphone to retain any value. What’s better and what’s worse

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The double sided are the ones people are fired up about. Ant reviewed the single sided.
And I also trust Ant.

Hi guys, I’m a noob and had no idea where I could ask this. I’m wondering if someone could help me with the following question. Thank you so much!

So, I know I can connect my Galaxy Buds+ to my TV’s bluetooth (without any dongle, it’s a Xiaomi Mi Tv 4s) to watch anything or play Nintendo Switch. Will it work when playing PS5?

Will it have the same proprieties as pluging the Pulse3D to the ps5 with the usb adapter it comes with?

Thank you guys

Have you tried? What are the results?

Well, I took the plunge. I just purchased a mint used HD700 for under $450 to use for gaming. I do have a VC being built as well. Hopefully I’ll enjoy them as you did!


Looking forward to your thoughts on them for gaming!

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So after ~ 2 weeks, adding Dekoni fenestrated Sheepskin pads, and the Mod House Audio mod kit, these things are amazing. For under $500 (all inclusive) these are the best I’ve ever played with. Thanks @DarthPool for the recommendation in one of your livestreams! Very happy!


they are a set I need to re-add to my collection… kind of upset with myself for moving my pair along =(

Glad, I could be of some help and that they worked out for you!


While the HD800S is a terrific headphone, it’s not as comfortable for long game sessions as the HD700. Also the pads are flat (or poor padded) so provide very little comfort to me in comparison. I tried swapping the pads on the HD800S to the Dekoni Elite Hybrids which helped a lot for comfort of the pads but they still don’t breathe as well as the HD700 stock pads IMO. Overall I think the forward presentation of the HD700 is better and they’re more comfortable than the HD800S. The only headphone that comes close to the HD700 IMO, is the DT880 and the TH-900 (v1).