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I like the Hyla Sarda in the same price bracket as he Meze, but I’m not a big IEM user.
Sarda’s real strength is it’s Bass.

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Never had an issue with mine, and it works great with the 800s

So I had someone recommend the Sennheiser Momentum 4 and I managed to find the Momentum 3 reasonably cheap. Sadly, still not deep enough. Any other suggestions?
Also, if I were to try IEMs, how would I go about finding a good comfortable fit? I have zero idea what shape/size my ear canals are, I just know that I’ve tried some silicone tips in the past and they were pretty uncomfortable.

I’ve had good luck using memory foam tips such as these:

They wear out fairly fast (e.g., a few months of regular use) but the size options and foam adapt to most every ear. Once you find the right size, they sell S, M, or L packs too.

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The sound may not be primo, but I have fairly large ears, and the Bose QC 35 II were the most comfortable wireless ANC headphones I’ve worn.

May be worth a try, especially if convenience is important to you. A wireless, over-ear can always will be easier to just slap on and use than any wired IEM.


My experience with the Bose QC 35 II is similar to yours.

I’ve been using them as my default office headphone (mainly for Zoom and MS Teams calls) since February 2018. I need to replace the earpads one of these days as the outer material is starting to fall apart, but that is simple enough (I just need to get around to doing it).

@pezda, let me know if you want me to measure the inside of the cups.



That would be helpful for me, if you don’t mind. Thanks!

Keeping in mind that my pads are old and worn out, the opening is approximately 2.25 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide. This is pretty close to Dekoni’s stated dimensions of their replacement pads for the QC 15, 25, and 35 series.

I should have new Bose pads arriving later this week.

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Thanks! I have Dumbo ears, so the sizing is important. Sadly, too small.

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Thanks for the info, this would be snug but the more important info for me is the depth.

I’m looking for the good headset that I could use while cycling.
My first requirement is to be able to listen - that is with noise cancellation and something to shield from noisy wind.
Ideally the headset should allow for speaking while cycling - I think the only option to get clear voice is with external microphone.
The price doesn’t matter, I’m desperate :).

When you say headset, does that include IEMs such as the Apple AirPods Pro 2? I don’t cycle, but I imagine whatever you use will need to be compatible with your helmet; I also don’t wear a cycling helmet often, so I’m unsure if it covers the ears or not.

With the new pads mounted, the approximate depth from the edge of the pads to the inside of the cups are as follows:

  • Front: .75”
  • Rear: 1.5”

The Etymotic HF3 fitted with the foam eartips will cut down the irritating wind noise while providing a decent microphone with playback controls.

Hello everyone! A couple years ago I bought a pair of PXC 550 II Sennheisers and they’ve done me a world of good and still hold up to this day. The only problem however is my hairstyle. Long and curly. I can’t wear headphones in public anymore without looking crazy… it’s time to switch to IEMs. Before I continue, I’m not exactly an audiophile and as long as whatever I buy sounds close to or just as good as my trusty PXC 550 II’s I will be happy.

So I was wondering if I could have some help! If anyone knows any IEMs of similar quality to my PXC 550 II’s that will last me just as long, have some kind of hook so it doesn’t fall out of my ear (this is my central gripe with earphones…) and also preferably not Bluetooth only, wired or the option for wired would be nice. Budget is $300ish but I’m willing to bend up ever so slightly, maybe even to $500. Thanks and let me know if you need any more details! : D


Hmm…. Based on measurements, the PXC 550 II likely has a v-shaped sound, with a warm upper bass and lower mids and peaky treble. With that said, does that correlate to what you’re hearing?

I’d say pretty close/correct! I’m not exactly the best at articulating what I can hear so take that with a grain of salt.

Focal Clear Og or Edition xs? Only sound quality.

Focal Clear is what I’d get.

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Clear but upgrade setup first imo. Some good budget tube amps and an Elex is better than just Clear alone. Those things on Feliks or Ampsandsound though. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: