Headphone Storage

Is it safe to store headphone next to each other like on a double stand?
Wondering if the magnetic fields next to each other will affect sound or internal electronics over time.
Appreciate your thoughts and comments.

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I’ve been using a double Woo for over 3 years with 1266, Utopia (now sold) and SR1a, Senn 800 and 800S.
No issues that I’m aware of.


Thank you!
Does the double Woo stay upright with two sets on it? I like the adjustable height…

I’ve had no stability issue even with 1266 and SR1a in it and both are heavy HP’s, the Woos are solid metal and heavy. I did add some weather stripping layers to accommodate the center screw on the 1266.

A Woo Double header stand ($80.00) and some 3M weather stripping. From when I evaluated my CC versus a rented TC in mid-2019.


Very nice! Thank you