Interest check for Meetup with Woo Audio in Seattle! First week of March 2020

I’m on pretty good terms with Jack Wu and Mike Liang at Woo Audio. I personally have owned several Woo amps over the last 3 years and I’m a huge fan of their products.

Last month Mike was wondering to me if there’s enough interest in the Seattle area for Woo to come and host a meet so Jack and Mike can bring some of their gears and get to know the fellow enthusiasts in the area.

I’ve checked in with @andrew and @taronlissimore and received their blessing for this post :slight_smile:

I would like to gauge interest for attendance for the first week of March (likely a Saturday, but we will nail down the date and time and location) once we’ve known how many people would come.

So please, if you would like to attend another meet and come talk to the nice people at Woo Audio, please indicate as such in this topic.

I can confirm that if the meet happens, the following pieces of gears would appear:

  • Woo electrostatic amp 3ES + Stax 009S headphones
  • Woo dynamic amp WA33 Elite Edition + WA11 portable DAC/Amp
  • Abyss Diana Phi + 1266 Phi TC
  • Sony DMP-Z1 DAP
  • Sony IER-Z1R + Sony MDR-Z1R

You are of course most welcome (and encouraged :slight_smile: ) to bring your own gears and plug in!

Thank you, and I hope at least 15-20 people would go to this meet.

@antdroid @lichie @Resolve @abl


I’m certainly interested.

The final date, time and location will dictate whether I can actually attend, however. And the earlier that is locked down, the more likely it is I can block that spot on my calendar and keep it blocked.

I’d like to say that I’d bring my WA 234 MKII MONO setup to such a meet, but that won’t happen (much too big a pain to move it). Depending on the location, however, I’d be willing to have a small group over to listen to that after the main meet was done.


Let’s make an executive decision right now and say first Saturday or March, 03/07/2020. Time would be 10am to maybe 3 or 5pm? I’m likely going to help find a venue on the Seattle side :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in attending as well…


Very much in!


I’m interested.

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I’m interested in having the little bird pay for my airfare and hotel. Or, the little bird might create a virtual-presence robot from a Roomba, trash can, Keurig, and iPad.


Right now we have the following folks who have indicated explicitly that they are interested (will update as more come in).

@andrew, @taronlissimore, @Resolve? :blush:

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I would be interested,

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Right now we have the following folks who have indicated explicitly that they are interested (will update as more come in).

Seems like I can’t edit the old post to add in the new names, so making this new post instead.

If we don’t have more than 10-15 people confirming, I will host the event at my place and will provide directions and where to park as the day approach.

We’re targetting 03/07/2020 as the date, from 10:00am to 3:00pm tentatively :slight_smile:

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I dont know how big you want it to be, but there’s a lot of Seattle folks on Head-Fi that I can see being interested.

I just bought a set of tubes from Woo last week for my WA7 amp and have now started to tube roll the WA7 power supply as well.


@BIGPOPPA, who’s been hosting/organizing the primary Seattle headphone meets, recently signed up here. He’s probably the best chap to talk with about including the broader Seattle crowd.

There’s a few of the Oregon crowd that show up to Gil’s meets too (pretty sure I met @Hammy at the Bottlehead meet, for example).


@andrew, @Resolve and I will most likely be in. Won’t be able to confirm until a bit closer to the event date though.


I am interested so long as it’s on a Saturday

That was me with the Liquid Glass amp at the Bottlehead meet.

I drive up to Seattle from Portland for a few meets each year. I’d very much be interested in a meet with the Woo Audio gear. I haven’t been able to hear any of the higher-end Woo Audio amps. I’d be very interested.


Glad to know I got that right then! And that was a lovely sounding rig!

If you do make it up for this meet, and you want to hear the Woo WA234 MKII Mono block headphone amplifier, let me know. It isn’t practical to take it to meets, but since I live in downtown Seattle I am planning on letting a small group (10 max) come to my place after the meet if they want to listen to that unit.


Wouldn’t miss it!


Paging @Malevolint as he’s interested in hearing a few of these things.


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