Headphones Battlestations

I do believe this is a universal human trait…


Just reconfigured the HP Battlestation.
2015 Mac Book Pro > Roon > Matrix X SPIDIF 2 > Exogal Comet+ DAC > Eddie Current Studio B / SPL Phonitor X / Decware CSP2 / KOSS ESP/95X
Speakers in use are Decware Tiny Radials w/ BIC America Venturi V1220


That Studio B is beautiful! I want one haha


What do you think of the WE 300B? Any comparisons to other 300B? Studio B looks like a beast compared to my Studio Jr even though it’s the same internals! That large chassis is just so imposing, in a good way actually.


The Western Electric’s sound excellent in my main amp but unfortunately their primary duty is only in the pre-amp so I am looking forward to seeing what they actually do in a power amp. I have NO time on this amplifier yet hopefully within th next week or 2 i will have some sort of impression and for the amount of funds invested I hope the return is worthwhile in my own eyes…

EDIT: I can compare them to the EH 300B’s as far as what differences they made in my Vinnie Rossi L2iSE. The EH have more bloom in the bottom end and a softer top end. The WE’s are tighter in the lower regions with more sparkle and air in the upper highs. Midrange is sweet as could be on both models.