[Interest Check] Greater Seattle-area Mini-Meet in June or July 2024

Hi all,

It’s been a nearly a year and a quarter since our last mini-meet and almost a year since Pacific Audio Fest 2023. We had planned these things to occur quarterly, but the last academic year has been rather busy for me with a trip to South Korea, the initiation of a leadership change, protests on campus, and an ASE strike. Spring quarter was especially taxing as I was (and am still) dealing with a parent’s cancer diagnosis and pending treatment (hence me selling off gear).

However, I’m still interested in hosting these mini-meets and a couple of us here (@antdroid, @Haasaaroni, & @robson) think it would be great to host another one this summer.

The atmosphere at the past two events was fairly chill - people sat around and listened to different gear, shot the breeze, and there was a break for lunch. Because of the smaller number of attendees and the size of the classroom, the noise level was fairly low compared to a convention.

In terms of equipment, think potluck - bring one or two items for others to try out - no need to bring your entire stack unless you want. This way, local users could see how their equipment pairs up with equipment they might be considering.

I intend to meet at the same location in Kenmore as we did last time, but I’d like to know people’s availability so I can work with the vendor to reserve the best possible day and time.

Please reply to this thread if you’re interested and I’ll start a group DM to nail down details.



Count me in, I’m definitely interested!

As long as I can plan it in advance I’m flexible.

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Sorry to hear about your family’s health issues! I hope everything is okay!

I know there’s a few new folks who moved here recently who would love to attend this too!

Gonna tag a bunch of random people: @domi @PForPho @TylersEclectic @Thester @Nimzerz @LETSHUOER


Sorry to hear about the issues, I hope everything is going better!

I’m definitely interested, the last one was great. Count me in!


Oh man, I’m sorry to hear about the cancer diagnosis. That’s hard!

Regardless, it’d be great to see you again and have another meet. I’m with Jonathan. As long as I know far enough in advance, I can make it work. Sundays are generally the best days for me.


Best wishes :pray:t3:

I’d be interested in joining! Recently moved to the area so it’d be great to meet some new faces.


Thanks for the positive thoughts. I know I’m not the first person to go through this and will not be the last, but it’s something that doesn’t really become real until it happens to you or somebody you love.

I’ll be swinging by the venue we’ve been using this weekend to see which days are available. Once I learn that, I’ll post the options. However, we probably would want to avoid any three-day weekends this summer.

I can bring my Gumby and MJ3 combo out if folks are interested along with my ZMFs.



If the date works out, I’ll bring:
HP: Hifiman Susvara, ZMF Caldera Closed, Atrium Closed, Bokeh, Sony MDR-MV1 (my fav new headphone)
IEM: Subtonic Storm, Symphonium Titan
Sources: Holo Spring 3 KTE/Bliss KTE, Fiio M15S, Sony WM1A


Best wishes to your family.

WRTO the mini-meet, I’m definitely interested! (Can’t believe how long it has been - it has been an eventful year.) The format we have been using works great. Should be pretty flexible for weekends through July.

Thanks for pulling us together again.


Depending on interest, I can bring:

Headphones: ZMF Eikon (new, w/Auteur Classic Drivers), Utopia 2020, and Grell OAE-1 if it comes in time. I have other options too, but most of us have already heard (most of) them. Maybe Verite Open?

Amp/DAC: Nitsch DSHA-3FN/Bifrost 2 OG. Yggy is just too much to drag around. iFi Hipdac 3 for fun? If anyone is interested.

Source will probably be iPad, IDK yet.

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I can bring a LCD-5 which I pair with MJ3 + Yggy OG A2. Don’t think I’ll be bringing the Yggy either lol. Also have a Bottlehead Crack if anyone’s interested in hearing one.


I can bring my Sennheiser 8XX (sticker modded) and Auteur Classic, and I’d be happy to bring my Pendant SE with my favorite tubes as well.

Probably won’t bring my Gungnir though, since it takes so long to warm up and start sounding its best from cold, but I have a little Topping E30 DAC I can bring that sounds fine.

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Leaning towards bringing ZMF Homage + Geshelli J2S. Some IEMs (Singularity, Moon River) + some HPs (something that no one else has listed :smile: ).

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I’m very interested! I’ve been waiting for the next Seattle meet now that I’m in the area. I can bring a verite closed and my very unique custom built OTL amplifier.

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I’d love to hear those :+1: