Seattle December Mini-Meet (Midweek): Interest Check

I wanted to try and get one more mini-meet in this year, and since it will have to be a mid-week event (I literally don’t have a free weekend-day until February next year right now) I wanted to do a quick interest check before committing to it.

This will be on the 19th, which is a Thursday. And since it’ll be a weekday thing I’d expect a bit more drop-in/drop-out for those not wanting to take a whole day off just to faff about with headphones. This would be at my place in downtown Seattle, so my usual limit of about 10 people applies. And I’d run it from probably 10:00 to 20:00.

Leave a message in this thread if you’re interested etc.

There are some new things that were not at the last meet; that’s in addition to the gear in the list I keep updated in my profile:


  • AAW Canary
  • A&K SP2000 Cu
  • MySphere 3.2
  • Schiit Magni 3+
  • Schiit Magni Heresy
  • Schiit Bifrost 2
  • Schiit Jotunheim R (either the unit I have now, or a production box)
  • ZMF Aeolus
  • ZMF Pendant


  • Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC (it was the Phi CC last time, but I sold those)
  • Benchmark HPA4
  • HEDDphone
  • Rupert Neve Fidelice Precision DAC
  • Rupert Neve Fidelice Precision Headphone Amp

I’ll update the above as things become more firm.


I’ve been on a crazy work travel schedule this month and it may carry over into December, but I would love to join this if I am in town! So, I’ll be a 75% in as long as I am here.


@Torq this is awesome!

If the dates work @taronlissimore and I will definitely be there.

Hoping the HEDDphone will be ready in time as we’ll have one of the only demos. They’re currently saying late December or early January, but as we know these things often take longer than anticipated.

We also have the new Fidelice products from Rupert Neve in the office right now. Hopefully we can hold on to them long enough to get them to the meet.


Oh I wish. I would love to live near you guys. Have a wonderful time.


I’m free and will make it! At least for a little bit!


Oh man, I wish I could be back in the PNW and hang with you guys. I have a house on Bainbridge Island that I really miss - currently living in Japan. Maybe I’ll head to Shinjuku that day and demo a bunch of headphones in solidarity. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A little bird told me this meet-up involves all expense paid airfare and hotels for 9 lucky people from all across the world. The little bird was also speaking with @pennstac and told him to invest in plastics. Don’t believe the little bird.


Hahaha, yes it would be nice. :wink:


I’m in for any of those dates.


I’d definitely pop over if I got the chance!
I could only make the 18th or 19th, though.

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There might be some truth to this … though restrictions apply* …

It’ll almost certainly be one of those two days.

*And unless you happen to be one of my wife’s young, hot, free-spirited, unattached, female friends, you’re rather unlikely to qualify.


This time I should be able to come for longer! And I should have a few new things to bring. Looking forward to it.


18/19 sounds great! My only new acquisition since the last one is the A12t…well, the KZ ZSX too but that doesn’t exactly count :slight_smile:


I will love to come.


19th is definitely the best for me. It’s the wife’s birthday on the 18th and I think I may not survive too long if I got to a headphone meet instead of spending her birthday with her!


For general meets, hosted in rented/public/community spaces, generally all are welcome (provided they’ve not exhibited undesirable behavior in the past).

This particular mini-meet will be hosted in my home, and since I don’t know you personally nor through interaction on this forum, you’ll need someone I do know (and who knows you personally) to vouch for you or to spend some time interacting here ahead of the meet.

We’ll call it the 19th then; that’s been the general direction its been heading anyway.


Torq - I met Neo_the_One at the Seattle HeadFi meet a couple months back and seemed like a nice guy.

  • Young - Check
  • Hot - Check (sweaty at least)
  • Free-spirited - Check
  • Unattached - No parasites on me, been checked for tapeworm
  • Female - It’s a trans, trans, trans, trans world. I am who I say I am
  • Friend - How could someone with a pink frog avatar be unfriendly?

@mahesvara is the gentleman who got me started on this hobby and he’d like to attend - the two of us will drive together.

He’ll be packing his DMP-Z1, WM1Z, IER-Z1R, and MDR-Z1R. (Also his Diana Phi, but Sony law says I have to put that in a separate sentence. :wink:


Thanks for letting me know, and that should be fine @neo_the_one … see you there.