[Interest Check] Greater Seattle-area Mini-Meet in March or April 2023

Hi all,

It has been a few months since the November/December meetup. During lunch, we discussed starting an ongoing series that would occur once a quarter or season.

The atmosphere at November’s event was fairly chill - people sat around and listened to different gear, shot the breeze, and there was a break for lunch. Because of the smaller number of attendees and the size of the classroom, the noise level was fairly low compared to a convention.

In terms of equipment, think potluck - bring one or two items for others to try out - no need to bring your entire stack unless you want. This way, local users could see how their equipment pairs up with equipment they might be considering.

I intend to meet at the same location in Kenmore as we did last time, but I’d like to know people’s availability so I can work with the vendor to reserve the best possible day and time.

Please reply to this thread if you’re interested and I’ll start a group DM to nail down details.



Definitely interested

I am interested, but you already knew that.


Interested. Miss the Seattle H-F meets.


Ya @BIGPOPPA hasn’t had a headfi larger meet in a while afaik. The one that was planned last year was canceled.

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Interested! Last meet was fantastic too, thanks for setting that up!

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I’m interested as well!

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I’d might be interested in driving up from Portland.
I would be ok with bringing any but not all of the following:

Ayon Sigma Dac
DNA Stratus
Lampizator Atlantic
First watt J2
Wells Audio milo
Abyss 1266
Triode labs fx138

Let me know if anyone has interest in demoing any of these. Would love to have two Stratus amps side by side so we could try different tube combos/headphones. If anyone has one that’s going, that would really push me to make the long trip.


I’m not sure if there will be another Stratus amp at the event, but I’ll probably bring the Folkvangr just because.

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Hmmm. Very interested. I’m frankly also a little scared, you guys lured me into buying way too much s–t this past year.

My rack is somewhat messed up so I’m not sure what I can bring without messing up the tetris of cables and such. If you’re interested I can bring the Shunyata Denali V2 and Sigma XC power cord if anyone is interested :sweat_smile:

There’s also the Pacific Audio Fest coming up in June: https://www.pacificaudiofest.com/

Nudging @Polygonhell @TylersEclectic


Would love to join. Long time Seattle Hifi enthusiast, more recently going down the deep end of head-fi. If I can manage to pack it up safely, I can bring the Holo Audio May/Bliss KTE stack, Susvara, and possibly a Ferrum OOR. I also have an Enleum 23R that I’m looking to sell but if I still have it can bring along.


giving this a gentle bump in case anyone locally is interested. :slight_smile:


I went to PAF last year. The headphone dept. was pretty small but was easy to listen to everything for as long as you wanted so definitely a plus vs the highly trafficked canjam.

The speaker setups were amazing! Took me all day to go through but sadly if you look at the price lists they were mostly $100k setups that I can’t even come close to affording. Highly recommended to check out at least. I’m hoping there are more headphone companies this year.


Ya I went as well. Spent most of the time hanging out with Andrew (Resolve) and Alan (Netforce) from the headphones.com team there. I wish the headphones section was larger, and hope it is this year, but I doubt it will be. The speakers were definitely insane. Umm definitely told me that you don’t always get what you pay for lol

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I am in Vancouver but interested in making a trip down if the dates work. Will also be heading down there for PAF again this year.



I am thinking we could prolly carpool and split the cost :smiley: