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I was wondering where I heard the method of CLMD before, now I remember. Acoustic fields use this exact method for their noise technology. The same concept can probably be applied to the gingko archs as well.

Here’s a video in case you might be interested, although it’s more of an overview.


I’d appreciate your thoughts @andris on a specific input tube isolator question:

On the Schiit Vahalla 2 the input tubes (6922/6N1P or equivalent), they barely stick up from the cooling vents. Specifically, it’s really only the tops and the silver coated area of the tube that’s accessible for an isolator.

I could put the input tubes on tube risers, I’ve been a little reluctant in that once the risers are in the sockets I’ll probably never be able to get them out.

Is it OK to put isolators near the top of the tube? Bad idea? Any thoughts?

A separate question, are any tube risers better than others? Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m definitely not an expert in this area. Herbie’s recommends putting the isolators more toward the middle of tubes, but I can’t think of a reason trying them toward the top of the tube would be harmful.

As for tube risers, I really can’t say whether or not it’s worthwhile. You can try it and decide what you think. On the one hand, you may (or may not) get some benefit from the isolators, but another connection (the riser) is another opportunity for signal loss or distortion, and I don’t know if there is a good way to know what will happen without just trying.

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Actually, the risers cling to the tubes, not the socket. The risers come out every time you pull out the tubes without fail. Getting the risers separated from the tubes may be another matter - I haven’t tried.

Actually, I highly recommend risers with Valhalla. It makes the amp chassis run considerably cooler and looks kinda cool, too.


I’m sure it does. Can you recommend any, or which site?

1 Like Vacuum Tube Socket Saver, 8 Pin/Octal : Musical Instruments


Tubemonger sells good quality socket savers.


Has anyone tried Synergistic Research’s Mig 3.0 or Mig SX?

They claim to be able to tune the sound just by the position. Looks pretty interesting and most reviews I found are positive.

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This is true of most footers/isol products anyway. These kinds of claims are plausible, but as usual, the biggest problem with Synergistic is:


$995.00 Set of 3

Sorry so late to the game. If it weren’t for a pm from PaisleyUnderground, I would have completely missed this thread.

Great observations andris. Tube dampers YES, I use them. No, not snake oil. However, they can be a detriment with some of my tubes and a godsend to others. Microphonic tubes can be calmed down by a damper. And some tubes I don’t want damped. For example, with my RSA Emmeline II The Raptor, RCA 12BH7A as an input tube is already excessively warm and syrupy so any dampening to any of the tubes do not work in any configuration. However, on that same amp I insert an input tube that presents energetic clearer highs, and it balances out the use of dampers to dampen microphonics, reverberation, and microreveberations as needed and dampers removed at times such sonic characteristics are desired.

Another isolation product I use are these Tekmats bellow my tube amplifiers. They are actually mats used when dissembling firearms. They come in all sorts of sizes from small for pistols and long for rifles. The one in the picture is long 15in. x 44 in. and has diagram for AR-15 parts and I have a smaller one that has Glock 19 diagram on it. Thicker is better. They sell for around $20ish but I got mine on sale for $8 used section of Amazon. These Tekmats work perfectly for minimizing microphonics that would travel through the amplifier and into the headphone signal from any bangs or movement from my desk. I was worried at first that they might melt, but so far no problems with that. I absolutely love Tekmats and can’t ever see me not using them.

I also have some speaker and turntable dampening features that I have used in the past, but that I may share at another time.


Well I pulled out this platform I made for the Envy. I think it actually works really well for the DNA. May make a wider and thinner one eventually but for now I think it’s helping a bit. Definitely less ringing when plugging and unplugging headphones. Damper pads add just enough wiggle.


If anyone wants to step up their isolation, these are fantastic products…


I’m on a budget. Here is my isolation go-to:


How long is the burn in period for your isolation?