June Deals

From June 12th to June 18th, brands are raining deals!

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20% off all Focal Headphones (Including Utopia 2022 and Bathys)

15% off Moondrop IEMs

15% off Dunu IEMs

15% off Topping and SMSL Amps & DACs

Up to $300 off Sennheiser headphones

Up to $1500 off Hifiman Headphones

Any other great deals out there this week? Post them in the thread!


The Cayin RU6 dongle is available on AliExpress at a nice discount. You can apply store-wide coupon codes to further reduce its price to below $190.00 USDs.


DUNU also plans to make our summer sale in late June - stay tuned for more details!

Well Apos appears to be having the same sale as Headphones.com. Did all the manufacturers call each other and say let’s have a price war? :grinning:
Apos Audio 2023 Mid-Year Sales Event

It seems like manufacturers green light their authorized dealers to have a sale all at the same time.

And I just bought a NX7 and a G5 2 weeks ago. :unamused:

Haha, it’s a pretty common sales month in this industry.


Damn being a newbie! Oh well, 12 months and counting!