LG G1/G2 Owners, how do you control volume with optical out?

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I have an LG G2 and it only offers optical out (no aux out). For those with this tv, how do you control volume with your audiophile setups? Preferably one remote solutions!

How long ago was it purchased?: Last year.

Really depends on the audio system you’re using, but you can always get a universal remote. They cost anywhere from around $50 to several hundred. Logitech Harmony remotes have an established good reputation in the field.

With only digital outputs, you will have to control the volume on a device other than the TV itself. The optical connection will give you stereo. If you want multi-channel sound, you need to use the eARC connection (which is nice anyway because you only need a single cable to the TV). See this article from WhatHIFI for more on eARC.

The Logitech Harmony line was good but unfortunately was discontinued in 2021.

There aren’t any real equivalents now but SofaBaton might be an option.

I am assuming you are sending the optical to a device.Optical out from a TV is fixed so you need a DAC with volume control and hopefully with headphone amp so you can listen when needed. The DAC needs to be able to decode digital audio from a TV so make sure. Thye can be obtained from about $200 upwards. Some of these will have an app to control volume from a phone/ipad or a remote. Good luck


I confronted this issue with my 2018-vintage 77" C8. After living with it a year or two I realized dialogue was often hard to decipher, even w/the TV’s volume up high. I tried 2 different systems/technologies to address this:

1 - I connected a DAC + powered speakers to the optical output. Neither the DAC nor the speakers had a remote. That didn’t matter to me so much (I tend to listen to TV in a certain volume range so just set-and-forget the speakers). But the dialogue intelligibility issue remained. On to system 2;

2 - 3 years ago I purchased a ZVOX A203 dialogue enhancing soundbar. It has a remote and it works exactly as advertised by amplifying the portion of the midrange that contains voice/dialogue. The intensity of the processing can be increased or decreased, as can the volume. Problem solved.

I realize this is quite different from true multi-channel AV music systems. All to say the separate remote control option for the optical output does work, and works well.